Working With Governments

December 17th, 2016    Questions? Email us here

Mr. Keshe talked to us about how to work with the governments using the European Certification. He said to not be afraid of governments and taught how to work with them. If you are feeling challenged, just make an appointment, invite the press to take pictures and present a pad or a pen and explain that these are not to cure anything, just to create an environment that the body can use to process what is disturbing it. The European Certification is valid. Use it to your advantage. The governments have to recognize their certification so the products will be sanctioned by governments and become well known.

Tepco is angry that it is being forced to become public about its relationship with the Keshe Foundation to assist with the new issues in the third nuclear reactor from the recent Japanese earthquake damage. Everyone can assist Tepco to open their hands confirming that they are using and testing Keshe products and passing this information to the International Energy Agency (IEA) to assist all the other countries in the world having nuclear issues.

Mr. Keshe taught about the respect for the animals sacrificed in the ongoing cancer trial research so the health cancer process can be made available at an international level.

The basic teachings of Keshe Plasma Technology have been completed and are translated into 17 languages. These teachings can be accessed from the home page of KFSSI.org, thanks to the monumental efforts of the three-man webmaster team. Basics have been taught over the last three years and now we are being shown greater depth. The Knowledge Seeker students of 2016 graduated today.

Mr. Keshe gave us permission to use the logo if we manufacture and want to sell our products online. He asked us just to not abuse this privilege. Humanity does own 49% of the Keshe foundation and he suggests we use the logo if we have suitable plasma products for sale in our area.

Jon from Arizona manufacturing displayed many short videos relating to space flight.

Further information can be found at KSW #150 on Dec, 15, 2016 at;


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