The Structured Water Device

Clayton Nolte, inventor of the Structured Water Device, says that structuring water spins in a double vortex so that solids are crushed and transformed. The implications of this are that the chemistry of the water can change without adding or removing anything from it.

You can: 
Either way, the water is immediately structured and energized. These devices are a one-time purchase that lasts forever.

Why I'm So Passionate About Structured Water
I have been using structured water to rehydrate myself since 2011, even though I first used it in the mid-80s through researcher Lee Lorenzen and Masaru Emoto, the Japanese researcher. Structured water was “reinvented” many different ways over these years and still is.  Its tumultuous growth period got too complicated for me because everyone had what they called the “real thing”, so I just used it sporadically over the years. When I got involved again I had to do scientific investigation and then have the "experience”, before I would talk about it. Simple has become extremely important to me. In a perfect world, water tumbles over itself down a mountainside getting oxygen and changing the hydrogen angles in its molecules so that it tastes great and any toxins are nullified, enhancing its energy. The natural action of structured water has become an important ingredient in my recipe for life. What are the infinite possibilities of feeding your body real water?

Further Research
This ENERGY element of water has many more valuable aspects that are being researched right now. A big one is memory. Some of the scientists doing this research are Gerald Pollock, Clayton Nolte, Marcel Vogel, Rustum Roy and others. They have found that there are four properties, liquid, solid (ice) and gas (steam) and memory. This 4th element is where the magic of water is and this is the information that has been kept from us. This magic is ENERGY.

Gerald Pollack, PhD has a book called ”The Fourth Phase of Water.” He is Professor of Bioengineering at the University of Washington.
Box 355061 - University of Washington - Seattle, WA 98195 USA
Tel: (206) 685-1880 - FAX (shared): 206 685-3300
email: ghp@u.washington.edu
Informative websites: http://faculty.washington.edu/ghp/

Another person to contact is Clayton Nolte, inventor of these Natural Action Technology devices. Natural Action Technologies, Inc., 475 W. Mesa Lane, Camp Verde, AZ 86322  USA
Tel: (928) 567-6466
email: CustomerService@NaturalActionTech.com

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