There is a Price for Remaining Ignorant

 March 5 2022   Questions? Email us here

 There is a Price for Remaining Ignorant

We are entering a phase when the mayhem and breakdown of old systems requires time for everyone to grasp that they have been trained to turn on each other and fault themselves or one another - rather than looking at the real forces in the background that are manipulating humanity at large. This is an immense subject but let’s break it into a few chewable pieces.

We are experiencing the death of the old world that is inviting the excitement of new possibilities in what previously seemed intractable areas.  There is a permanent deletion of old patterns as we continue to use our own personal natural purification process. Old habits can continue to become a viable threat if not noticed. 

When you draw energy from these patterns, they fade away. Thus, our inner natural ability, purifies them within and without, and activates this process in all of humanity too. Just move patterns onto your list for source to dissolve. It is happening way faster than our minds can comprehend. And believe it or not, the problems are not your fault!

Look at everything. Doubt everyone. Ask questions. Identify problems.  Where are some answers? Search for, talk about and activate three (3) solutions, instead of pushing yourself into a fake personality so you feel OK.  This is not an information war. Covet your personal power. 

The “news” is reflective of the collective (un)consciousness. The hidden is being revealed along with any old mental and emotional habit patterns you may still think are necessary. You might think it means survival, but if you’re not making mistakes right now you’re just not working hard enough, sorry!

I’ve got a truth bubble I maintain where I like to think I’m aware and awake. This is where I can turn anger onto someone or something so I don’t have to look at myself.  Here, (your source list for purification) is where you can put stuff you want to change from one form of energy into another that could be more useful. Give each other and yourselves a break. Nature is coming to the front in our lives. 

It now takes all of our courage, discipline and resolve, not to lose control of our own energy and further fuel the same old system which has been busy dividing society and feeding off us. Seeing through the deepest patterns of abuse, we switch to identifying clearly who benefits and then collapsing the illusion right to its inception. We can say no to that influence and finally take real action, regardless of how scary and whatever the consequences might be. This ever expanding natural frequency is gently upgrading people to a new level. The world is what you and I are creating it to be. I am love and so are you.

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