Mainstream Plasma Technology

December 4th, 2016    Questions? Email us here

Plasma technology is becoming mainstream. Agricultural courses and degrees are being offered through the Ghana Atomic Energy Commission (GAEC). Since the recent scientific conference, scientists are excitedly reviewing the results of all the laboratory and field tests and are now understanding them. The agriculture section of GAEC has many hectares of farm land under cultivation with active laboratory research facilities offering Master Degree courses. There are 100 seats available for these 3, 6 and 12 month courses that are starting in January, 2017.

Medical research degrees are also available. Ghana Atomic Energy Center has become the center of excellence in Africa. Through GAEC scientists and doctors can apply for what they want researched and even sponsor a scientist to do that research if they can’t get to Ghana themselves.

The San Carlos Mechanical Engineering College in the Philippines is holding elective courses in plasma technology beginning January 2017 as well. One of the mechanical engineers there is also a farmer and has several experiments underway on his land right now.  These will be elective courses for the 4th year students who are specializing in energy and soon agriculture degrees will be offered. Mr. Keshe will be speaking at the college in February next year.

The cancer clinical trials have been through the first phases with no toxins showing up and human trials will be underway December 12. Tepco has already tested and confirmed that there is no toxicity in humans using the injections, so this is a prelude to worldwide, international acceptance of the cancer injections. Soon gans products will be on the shelf around the world. This is bringing medical plasma technology into the mainstream. With these clinical trials underway, this medical technology will not be alternative. It is a new science within the world of medicine. It has shown its effectiveness without side effects.

Much more teaching was given which brought more information about the changing world of medicine. To learn about the teachings go to KSW #148 at;

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