Regenerating Cancer Cells Can be Done!

December 29th, 2016    Questions? Email us here 

Worldwide recognition is underway as the cancer assessment is entering its next phase, human trials.  Scientists in three countries are recognizing that the non-toxic injections of CO2 gans directly into the bloodstream of cancer tumor patients are reducing the tumor size. And these damaged cells are regenerating in the gans field energy of this process, into healthy vibrant cells immediately. 

These scientists have the approval and supervision of doctors and governments in doing these human trials.  They are informing other governmental authorities, showing the shrinking of tumors and the regrowth of healthy cells along with video evidence. They are combining and presenting this and past evidence, including testimonials that have been given over the last year from the public who are using this technology.

From these trials new research is developing to confirm how the immune system works directly with the gans to eradicate dis-ease in the body and molecularly restructure damaged cells. Within 24-hours of the gans being introduced to the body, the action of the immune system is evident. A detailed report is submitted to government authorities via the scientists and doctors who are involved in these trials.

Sideline research is also underway in the recovery from infections and overcoming viruses. Doctors and governments are being invited to come to Ghana to monitor these medical, scientific investigations being done in governmental hospitals.

Keshe foundation has developed products that can be used to eradicate 90% of the pollutants in water. This is going to free up an incredible amount of money in many parts of the world’s economy as this process gets underway in Europe and the people will have clean water to drink, which will greatly benefit their health.

Mr. Keshe went on deepening our comprehension of gravitational and magnetical positioning and our relationship with the soul. To fathom this exploration into soul creativity please go to KSW # 152 of December 29 2016 at    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VjB9Aip9-ko

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