Hello All Helmet-making Plasmacists,

December 2nd, 2016    Questions? Email us here

I’m still tracking down the little Ts that fit in 1/8 inch tubing to make one of Dr. Rodrigo’s helmets. I think I may have found them at a drip irrigation store but necessity is the mother of invention. So this is how I made my first helmet…
I cut my 16 foot piece of 1/8 inch tubing in half, nanocoated them, and decided to coil the halfs up on each side of my hat and fill each side with a different mixture of CO2, ZnO and CaO and iodine gans water. But first I sewed them on the hat. Maybe it would have been easier to fill them before sewing them on…but that’s the way I did it. I was busy for a long, long, long time eye-dropping the gans water formula in this tiny tubing and trying to get the air bubbles out with only partial success.
Finally I left it alone for a day hoping I would come up with a way to get the bubbles out. So I tried a couple more ways to get the gans water in and the bubbles out (squirting, blowing, sucking). Finally I decided that I had played with it so much that the air bubbles had to be plasmatic by now. So I sealed it up, put it on my head, even though it was wet from the process and I headed for the recliner.
Immediately I noticed was that there was something wrong with my breathing...Oops! Nothing wrong with it.  I was just breathing very deeply and slowly. Interesting. Calmness settled in and I finally realized I needed to get up and get on with my day. I was very relaxed.
Day 2 of helmet wearing.
I got up with an inkling to write a letter on my computer and saw my helmet so put it on while I wrote the letter.  In the left half of my vision I saw an arc about ½ circle of sparkling crystalline flashes (just like a C). It feels pretty good even if it is different. It continued for a while after I removed the helmet, but tonight as I am doing computer work it has not returned. My energy is very apparent, clear and stable.

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