Creation; A New Chapter

December 26th, 2016    Questions? Email us here 

Absolutely no side effects have been recorded from the CO2 injections to process cancer so the trials are moving into Phase 2. Scientists are looking into a new research direction as they follow the strength and saturation point of the magnetical and gravitational direction of this disease that is the key to unlocking the body process into health. This is a new way of looking at the structure of the cell.

Jon showed us more space ship building videos from Arizona. And demonstrated what changed in the fields when they altered them from gravitational to magnetical energy and back again.

Once again Mr. Keshe reviewed how science calls the same things with different names, adding to the turmoil in understanding the separated, mysterious, scientific individualities.
An example; Plasma has to receive more to be able to give. These back-waves of receiving are stronger and are then able to push through. Giving can’t do that. Professor Miles studies the scalar waves, which is sometimes called the back-flow, sometimes called the eddy current, sometimes called the receiving, and sometimes called the gravitational field. This receiving has to come back stronger so you can push forward with it. This is why Miles considers his scalar waves better than Tesla’s forward moving energy. But they are each part of the same plasma energy.

The plasma environment involves the interaction of gravitational and magnetic fields. As one of these fields moves the other does as well, so balance is maintained. Plasma is only interested in the actuality of the interaction of life.

Mr. Keshe began a new chapter in teaching how life started on earth and revealed the true process of creation with us.

To understand the process of creation I recommend listening to the full KSW #151 of December 22nd 2016 at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a6u3Y8WA_hQ

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