Practicing medicine without a license?

March 14 2022   Questions? Email us here

Has the Lasqueti Island ferry captain been practicing medicine without a license, and/or is something being hidden from you?

On December 26, 2021 a pleasant resident couple were returning home via our local ferry and were told that they must wear a mask even though they have a medical exemption. Captain Al Knapp insisted that they get off the boat and said he was going to call the police, which he did. All the other potential passengers were standing around in the cold snowy weather at French Creek waiting to board while this nonsense occurred. 
Interestingly I had been using my mask and vaccine exemption for many months and only been hassled by other passengers who obviously don’t want to be around healthy people!?! On Friday January 14th I served Al with a Complaint and Notice of Liability which he refused to accept, but never the less he was served and this activity was recorded.  Occasionally islanders do have to go to Vancouver Island for food, medical attention and visit their children who may be going to school over there. I was forced to wear a mask or not get any supplies, even though BC Ferries does not require people to wear a mask unless they come inside. The Lasqueti ferry is contracted by BC Ferries. Are Lasquetians so special they must wear a mask inside and out?
On March 3rd this resident couple once again tried to board the ferry to return home and captain Al threatened a repeat performance. In as much as the couple knew how much inconvenience this would cause to the other Lasquetians, they unloaded their stuff and found a fisherman who took them home the next day. 
Absolutely no one has any right to intimidate, interfere or assault anyones’ well being and right to travel. Fortunately Bob was ready to video the transaction. Here it is.  
The solutions? I can only think of one at the moment. Get rid of stupidity in governance, maybe get rid of government completely. We can be responsible for ourselves qnd each other and live in a new level of caring and sharing. Just watch us, we’re moving into and with freedom.
Our provincial health minister today March 11 has stated that masks are no longer required and vaccine passports will be lifted soon. We still have to deal with ridicu;ous federal regulations, and we need to see why we are being distracted. Yippee, masks are gone. Not the end of the story. 
Bill S-233 is in the SENATE waiting for a 3rd reading. If passed it will mean you must be experimentally vaxed if you want to receive any of your benefits, this means any government benefits you’ve already paid for! And senior citizens look at bill c-273 which is aimed at no jab, or you get no pensions and yes it is part of the new bank social credit system. Or are you busy wasting your time on the Russia/Ukraine situation. Look locally, act locally. Please look deep under the rug. There is more stupidity being hidden from you and I than we can possibly imagine.

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