COVID 19 is a military operation

May 3rd, 2020   Questions? Email us here

COVID 19 is a military operation

Reference: Cosmic Agency 

On a nationwide level, factions of the cabal are fighting for power. Humanity falsely thinks it is dealing with a corona virus but in reality, COVID 19 is a military operation. The media has humanity quarantined with its MEDIA VIRUS.

Mankind is being assaulted with all the different forms of 5G energy that are creating health problems and for some flu-like symptoms, depending on the vigor of their immune system. Media is insisting on the development of a vaccine to combat this virus, but vaccines are recognized for the detrimental ingredients hidden in them. Scientist propagandists insist that the heavy metals found in vaccines are there as a preservative. WRONG. Metals are in there to anchor the nano elements into your body for remote transmission control.

It is a farce that these nano particles attached to these metals can be removed with modern medical technology or even that these heavy metals can be removed. People undergo major medically challenging procedures hoping to eliminate these metals without success. So if you have had a vaccination since 1997 you are vulnerable to remote nano tech transmission. Since then every vaccine has had metals with nano chips in them. You can be remotely activated and controlled by any 5G or other communication network activation device that governing bodies choose to use.

These vaccine nano tech implants will affect you in 2 ways. Your behavior can be controlled and your brain can give you thoughts that you think are yours because they are coming from your very brain. These nanos remain inside your body as poisons that trigger other inflammatory responses.

Air combat manoeuvring (also known as ACM or dogfighting) is the tactical art of moving, turning and/or situating one's fighter aircraft in order to attain a position from which an attack can be made on another aircraft.

In other words, these nano devices are positioned in your body where they can be activated with various remote data transmission devices so that you are under someone else’s control, not yours. A positional fighter advantage has been employed on humanity. Truthfully, we no longer have any luxury of time. We must get into action.

This may be a silent war, but it is not something to be taken lightly.  It is imperative that humanity refuse the new world order that is being forced upon them. There is another way to live and it takes you and I to create it. NO MORE VACCINATIONS. All the timelines are broken. We must find benevolent ways to unite the timelines. This is a major tiger standing, glaring at us. It is not a kitty.
The galactic federation is suggesting that we get on the internet and look up how to make an EMP generator and do it.

Nano particles are very weak and can be easily knocked out of action with a very small generator. Your EMP generator will not remove them from your body, but they will no longer be effectively controlling you. This is a homemade trick to stop nano transmissions. Make a device that produces EMPs. Make the device and pass it over your body.  Your generator will knock out all electronic devices within range so be mindful. Another option is a faraday cage, but your EMP generator will knock the nano-particles out of transmission.  

Call to action.

The population must unite and get into action. The federation overlords cannot do this for us. Through our complacence we have allowed the cabal to bamboozle us with their propaganda. They have a myriad of things established in place to enforce our slavery. We must unite. Refuse vaccines.

The interstellar beings will be able to assist us if they see us taking action. They are doing what they can so we don’t destroy ourselves while in this process of learning to control our manifestations. They see the big picture; from multiple timelines, multi dimensions and scalarly. They know we control our destiny.

Let’s get busy.

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