Are you an Ambassador of Peace?

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Despite what you see going on in the world, humanity is asking for PEACE. As this is happening it means everyone who is employed in war preparation is out of a job.  Can your country follow the lead of Iran as it turns its military into Armies of Rescue for help in natural disasters, with the remaining personnel being used to Build for Humanity.

Iran explored the talents of its military personnel in literature, mathematics and biology. The people interested in literature were guided into teaching in areas of their choosing. The people interested in mathematics built schools, community projects and roads. The people interested in biology started working in the health field. Everyone received training to prepare them for their new employment.

The Keshe Plasma Technology, as well as bringing us peace, is creating new avenues for employment that require governments to rethink their prior military engagements into peaceful activities. Step back and look at this. Gold has become the curse of humanity. Today people find themselves having to be busy filling their pocketbook instead of doing what they really want to do, satisfy their soul. Imagine a world where we do not have to compete with one another to support ourselves! Your soul can come into balance with your physicality. And yes, the military can be used to serve the soul of man.

As tends to be a bit of a stretch for many of the governments of the world, I suggest we each, individually, become Ambassadors of Peace and gift our presidents and royalty with gold, flooding our governments with gold to pay for whatever we are taxed. The Keshe Foundation, of which you own 49%, will show you how to make gold out of water. Yes we can use this “advanced”, very simple technology to create gold as well as other valuable things. We can produce whatever matter we want with plasma fields. You really can have everything, including PEACE. This is a new beginning for humanity.

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