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 February 26 2022   Questions? Email us here

      I have no idea how to write this, so here goes! I was born quite a few decades ago and I knew from birth that I was here to create goodness on this planet. I’ve had many adventures traveling this path, some of them were tragic and others were benevolent. I always desired family. I always tried to feel like I belonged here. Maybe I was looking for community? 

My parents taught me to avoid god, but one day I realized that in denying that god existed, I was also saying that the “he” existed somewhere, someplace. How could I ignore something that wasn’t there? To keep this story short I finally found a wonderful source within me that is also within you.  

So why the hell am I here? Caring and sharing has always been important, and it is even more valuable these days. But my comprehension of this subject has deepened to a level where I do not have the experience of it allowing me to describe it in this, what some call our 3D reality. So yes I am saying I desire to live in community and to communicate with people on a profoundly ever deepening level that has been un-experienced here on earth for a long, long, long time. 

Is there anybody else out there that is willing to charge out into these uncharted waters exploring new potentialities for each other and our beloved planet? 

Some of us are promoting the first March 4 Community Unity hamburger potluck on the first Friday evening of every month at the Art Center, using organic products grown as close to Lasqueti and Vancouver Island as possible, and as low cost as possible. You are welcome to help facilitate, bring stuff and promote this to everyone.

I also wish to meet with a small group of people, every three weeks, willing to communicate their benevolent ideas into actions for Lasqueti. This is for those of you that dare to say the word “freedom” in public: Those of you that dive deep within yourselves and want to assist humanity to create a new, very different society that thrives on personal responsibility. Our new society will have government about 10% the size of our worthless current collection of politicians. Learning to communicate with each other in original, non-threatening ways will help us delve into these new realities. We can allow our frequency energy to rise, to be evident, even though it’s unseen. It can be felt by all. And we can create new realities and ways to talk and listen to each other. Is anybody out there? What is a good day and time for us to meet?  Does Tuesday work for you? 

Freedom wins!  250-240-4498 nikkid@lasqueti.ca

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