The Mirror of Your Soul

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Tidbits from the 161st Knowledge Seekers Workshop of March 2, 2017  at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rgXpCKbvuug

You are the cup. You are the Holy Grail. The body of man contains everything. We are learning and becoming mature enough to enter the next dimension. The choice has been given to man to stay within his confinement or to learn the rules of the universe. Can man become mature enough to go to the inner sanctum of the soul? Start testing yourself. These are like evening classes, or night school. There are no failures; all we have is a lack of understanding. Man can become an ambassador of peace and enter the universal council.

Make many kinds of gans and observe how they respond to your different emotions, like anger or joy. Use yourself as the reactor and allow yourself to become the gans making box. Learn the emotion of the soul, your soul. Emotion is in the soul. As you learn the alphabet of the universe you are becoming part of the universal community. We are moving into unity.

(2:28:14 to 2:39:50)
Our fingers are like tentacles into the universe. The end of each finger is a connection to universal energy. So the strength, the size, the shape, structure of the muscle tissue, the lines in your hands all absorb and give the different types of energy they find in the universe. So with 5 fingers you have 5 times more energy from the universe than if you had 1 finger.
If you look at the leaves of say parsley or coriander, see the number of tips on the leaf. There is more energy absorbed because there is more connection into the environment. Our hands are a good way to measure and are even stronger because we have this connection with the atmospheric part of the world. Our hands connect with our emotional part. Our feet with our physical part. Toes are small and short because their job is receiving energy directly from the earth. And with our hands we absorb energy from what is in the atmospheric gaseous part of our life.

In so many ways the lung and the heart have to do with the emotional part which is to do with our brain part, which is to do with our atmospheric part, the gaseous part of this planet. Our hands are part of the same. But they become multitasking to provide us with gripping and moving things, but at the same time the tips of the fingers are feeding us what we are receiving.

The behavior of the 4-legged animals is different than us who are upright absorbing energy from the atmospheric conditions as well. This is why you see with the monkeys, the chimpanzees and the human race an intellectually different behavior because we feed from 2 levels of energy absorption. The 4-leggeds are connected mainly from the energy of the earth so it is more or less mono. We get energy both from our feet and our hands. We get energy from the ground, the physical part of our existence and we get energy from the gaseous part which is our emotion.

That’s why we use our hands in showing emotion because they are part of the way we receive energy. The way our body has evolved has allowed us to change the way we walk upright. We have gained advantage by being able to absorb multi-layers of energy. You see that people with a short height have a totally different behavior than slightly taller people because at different levels of the earth atmosphere we absorb different energies.
Even by walking the energy field absorption changes. These are the things we can understand even more as we add to the knowledge of our height, the position of our arms, our fingers.  You see changes in people who have an amputation. There is a totally different change in behavior. It would be very interesting to record a before and after video. They are receiving a different kind of energy. That new energy gives a different psychological pattern in the emotion because our upper body is connected to our emotion. You see people with a leg amputation with different behavior. There are a large number of medical studies concerning amputations. They are still receiving the energy, but in different strengths and varieties than when they used to walk around.

Our understanding has to be extended. Remember, we absorb 80% of our energy from our environment. This is why veterinarians rub the gans energy on the animals to transfer energy to the inside of their bodies. We have been used to physically putting something inside sick animals. We didn’t understand that animals absorb energy from the environment. Doctors and veterinarians are doing this in Africa to save the puppies. They can’t give any liquid to them but they can rub gans on their bodies. Caroline has caught the vets attention by just washing the dogs body. The change is immediate. They just need to receive what they need. Their body reactor will do the rest.

Even the hair on our body receives different energies and transmits different energy. The way the hairline is, the shape, the texture, and the color of the hair create different emotion and a link into the gaseous space energy level. Hair is not a dead part of us as we have been taught. It is the receptor of the energy fields that is needed from our environment. Why are we born with hair and often go bald, or the hair thins and we have different feelings and emotions? Why does our hair change color as we get older? Do we receive different energy with grey or white or streaked hair? And do we give different energy from our brain? Of course we do.

We have to understand this and add to our knowledge. Notice in the picture above that the fingers are holding and adding to the reception of the fields. With the fingers holding the plates as shown, you are dictating what you want to absorb. If you made a concave of these and held them in your hands you would feel a different kind of energy because now the light/energy reflects back in the center and amplifies off each other.

Understanding the reality of interaction between fields is imperative because materials each have an individual field strength. We need open understanding of the actuality of what is happening. Would the condition change if we touched the plate with three fingers? Will the strength be exactly the same? This is what we have to understand. Openness to new understanding is key to this plasma technology. The minute you reject a part of it means you have come to the point of mis-understanding the totality.

(2:39:50) John from Argentina prompts the use of the word “cure” in our society. We do not cure. It is a “process”. Process allows the freedom of choice.

Further information is available at 161st KSW March 2nd, 2017 at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rgXpCKbvuug

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