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The pedophilia world problem is discussed bringing to the point more information and disclosures to understand the depth of its horrors and truly get rid of it.

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How do we transfer emotion into the direction of the soul or emotion into the direction of physicality? How do we control the emotion that can react and interact with the physicality so that the change in physicality can be instantaneous?

Remember one principal. And this is the principal of transformation and transfer of physical conducts of plasma fields. The source does not change that much. The strength of the sun in billions of years is still the same in the plasma structure of the solar system. It is the distance and the strength of the field in the path of the gravitational and magnetical fields from the sun which dictates the manifestation of the reality of the entity such as earth, Jupiter, Saturn or the rest of them. So what we come to understand is that filtering of the emotion strength gives you the end product.

How do we use these filters?
How do we use our emotion as a filter that with it we can change our physical manifestation according to the environment? You get hurt, you get afraid, you start sweating, and start changing the color of your face. Now take this a step further. We do it already. It has been part of us. We do know how to do it automatically. But because of the condition of the atmosphere of this planet we never need to practice it. When you get shy you go red because the emotion affects the physicality in receiving so much energy from the soul that it must turn itself to a different color. We know that man has this within his structure. If he doesn’t want something he can even, through his emotion, dictate the cutting, the amputation of a limb or part of the body. (1:17:28) We do it so perfectly that we call it psychosomatic.
What is psychosomatic?
Psycho=emotion. We are in the same position with this as we were with the Chinese wok-making nanocoating and eating Gans for centuries, but we never realized this. Now we have to comprehend these processes to become a master. It is part of us. The reaction of the soul of man is the same. You look to China over thousands of years, where it can change a black man to a China man, because the emotion has a very strong purpose. You get a black skin coming from the east central coast of Africa and going to Siberia becoming the most beautiful skin of white, with blonde hair and blue eyes. You put the same man coming out of Africa into different conditions of environment and he can become Norwegian, Austrian, blonde, with different structure. You send him to South America and he becomes a different man according to the environment there. It is the environment that has changed the man according to the emotion of the survivor.

Now we understand the process. It is the emotion in respect to the environment that gives the physicality and the appearance of the physical. In space we don’t have the time to wait 10,000 years for changes. The condition of the environment outside dictates the transformation of the reduction or forte of the filtering of the fields of the soul. This filtering allows the manifestation of a new entity as we wish to be able to live in the environment we have just arrived in. We become the balancer in that environment which dictates the condition of the appearance.

This is important. When in space you do not need a spacesuit. We already wear a spacesuit called the skin of the man.  It is the best spacesuit you can ever imagine. It regenerates itself, changes color, makes a different condition of the entity if you get shy, if you get angry, if you need to grow fingers, if you need to be shorter, whatever the environment dictates.

Now the mini trial on this planet is going to switch to a bigger trial in the span of the galactic universe. This is the truth about the spaceship program. This is the truth about how man will go into space. Now we understand the science of space technology. We understand the essence of the creation through the work of the plasma.

The Universal Council has to find its way. Its job is to formulate the wish of humanity. They are learning how to be the emotional filter to guide the wishes of humanity so humanity moves collectively. They are cluing into humanities soul. The core team is there to support this Council as man grows into universal community and recognizes he is a galactic citizen.

We are pioneers. In space, gender does not always exist. You decide internally what you want. Learn to see the light of the soul, not the physical. Life on earth is dictated to be the way it is. Be open to be able to work differently. Take the shackles of ignorance from your eyes.

(2:00:15) Why do people have different colored skin? The skin of the white shows the education and graduation from abuse. I want to graduate from abuse so I want to be a different color. Why not everyone become transparent and be affluent with each other?

The problem is not the education. The problem is openness of the mind. (2:02:50) The problem is understanding the interaction of the fields. There really is no problem. There is openness of acceptance and understanding and openness of applying the productive way. This is how we can understand the work of the universe. It is the language of the soul. These teachings at the moment may seem far-fetched but soon they will come into our reality. We need to start using them so we can see and experience this new reality.

(2:11:21) Fear is a condition that we do not understand where the physical will show itself. Fear is the condition of how do we allow ourselves to exist without it dividing. The fear is, in a way, restriction that we put, that we do not want to give any more. The fear is the strength that places discrimination. The fear is how we can disturb the conditions. Fear is how we can survive the condition. The fear is how much can we give without being taken. The fear is how much can be given without giving up totality.

Many contributions were also made discussing ways to measure the plasma fields and more of this info will be forthcoming next week.

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