The New 3-D Explanation of Plasma

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The New 3D Explanation of Gans from 160th Knowledge Seekers Workshop February 23, 2017 at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=udhUPxsg75M

Mr. Keshe in 160th KSW has asked us to change the way we present plasma technology so people feel comfortable with it by linking what we know today with this new information so they actually feel the shift. He says to teach it as if it is something we already use. So for this new explanation, carry a few ring magnets, a copper plate, nano-coated material, maybe a piece of zinc, and some gans of that material.

Explain that the copper is in its molecular structure so the molecules are tightly packed. This is the matter level. Now we can create a different atmospheric condition for the copper, where we increase the temperature environment around the copper by heating it up to boiling promoting evaporation. 

(105:21) For this boiling process we use caustic soda, but before it evaporates back into matter state, because of the coolness and the closeness of the surrounding box, it can’t stay in the matter state and goes now into its gasous state. Because it cannot go to the matter state, this nano-material forms on the surface of the copper. This nano-material is a black covering and will grow to 30 to 50 thousand or more layers of thick beautiful diamond-shaped structures.

Review the 2nd Kids Knowledge Seekers Workshop at https://youtu.be/QhqR9BFJtek?t=23m36s

Demonstrate the plasma field interactions with a series of ring magnets. The matter level is like the ring magnets stuck together and rigid. Suggest the nanomaterial level is like the magnets interacting from a greater distance with more space between them. This is like the nano-material but it is still attached to the copper.

Now put a few ring magnets at a distance way from each other and demonstrate their interaction and relate this relationship to our solar system.
This is the first time man has managed to produce nanomaterials out of the same piece of matter. You don’t need to buy extra popcorned nano-material and glue it on expensively as science has done in the past.  It is itself simply part of that same piece of copper, matter material.

Then you explain how we further change the environment of this new nano-material. We have the molecular structure of it and the nano-layer of it. Now we allow more creativity to surface by including salt water and we make sun energy; gans.

Don’t forget adding caustic built a new environment of nanomaterial and the environmental presence of the sodium atmospheric condition of this planet allows this new change to happen.

This is the next step. You have found the common denominator for the separation of the molecular into nano so you use the same knowledge. Last time you used the NAOH now you use NACL. What happens? You put the copper plates; one NC and one not NC in the saltwater and the Cl creates in the water the magnetical acidic condition. The sodium with the oxygen of the water creates a gravitational part of it; alkalinity. Now it is a neutral confinement that allows the nanomaterials to separate.  And now they stop being attached to the nano-molecular structure. Now you have created the single plasma of the material. If the speed of the separation is fast enough that it cannot attach itself to an oxygen you will get pure plasma.

Then let them touch this gans. It is the first time man has managed to see a single atom, a single molecule without expensive microscopic equipment. Let man actually hold and feel these tiny suns. Then you explain to your knowledgeable scientists that every one you see is a sun and has that same power but in a smaller package.

It’s you who decides if you want to have earth conditions away from this earth or on Jupiter or Saturn or Venus. It’s you who decides to bring the proximity of what we call Magrav positioning for it to be hotter, cooler, or lifestyle of earth or whatever you need. 

In these few minutes; the man from the village becomes the man of space science. That’s what your job is as knowledge seekers; to inspire and give out the truth about creation. From now on it gets easier. How do we measure it? How do we work with it? How do we apply it in what, which way, how and where?

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