The Temple of the Universe

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Tidbits from the 162 KSW March 9 1017 at

Times are changing. When we are out in space we may not have time to evolve. We may have to adapt immediately to new situations or else become prisoners of the universe. To become a citizen of the universe we must learn a new way to use our soul.  So how do we change to be part of this universal community? We must learn the strength of emotion and the soul. We can understand our soul’s strength and become spontaneous. There may not be time for Darwin’s physical evolution to happen. 

As we become in tune with our soul we can accommodate the minute changes in gravitational and magnetical field strengths and become an element of our environment. We do have a common denominator with the rest of the universe. Can we ask ourselves if we can change the dimension we find ourselves in?

Yes! We have lost trust in ourselves. Man has confined himself to physicality. He can now open the soul gates to the universal community and become part of this peaceful society. Your soul is transparent and can be trained to interaction within the plasma fields. Man has become overly physical and now needs to learn to feel the soul response. He can do this through understanding the quality of an emotion and by following its path to the soul. This is not a particularly easy path for man to follow, but one that he needs to practice in order to have peace and travel in space. Man is at the mercy of learning this understanding as he has worn out the use of physicality on this planet and has nowhere else to go.

The soul of man is the creator and the creator sits within the soul. The soul has many emotional filters to reach it. There are far more emotions than anger and joy. Release yourself from the shackles of your emotions and make yourself tools to find a scale for your emotions so you can find and elevate your soul.

Communication with others is essential. We are passengers of the universe. We are learning a new kind of telepathy with each other. I personally choose to call it the inner-net.

(2:02:25) In the process of educating humanity the prophets of science and the prophets of the soul are to become one. In the past the prophets abused their positions and created religions to get people to act the way they wanted them to be. Prophets need to carry the pen of the soul of man so they do not abuse their position in educating humanity. So in this present time, we in the Keshe foundation, teach both the path to the soul and we teach the way this path works. Comparing the path to the physicality of the soul with the physicality of the stars allows us to bring the science and the religion together as one. There will be no way for man to be abused again. This is the essence of the knowledge of the universe. That’s why there are no temples in the universe and no churches. We are the messengers of the universe.

Please, there is extensive knowledge in this workshop to assist you in clearing the way to a new level of understanding of soul that can be found at the 162nd Knowledge Seeker Workshop March 9th, 2017 at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xGWR86QJx4c

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