Nigel Cheese - PCAM Tech Presentation (Free Energy Device)

December 12th  2021   Questions? Email us here

Reference: click here for video

Nigel Cheese is taking PCAM tech to the next level, and I'm happy I heard from him today asking to help him share this new presentation. Since I've introduced Nigel to my audience, his videos have gotten quite a bit of buzz, and his haters are like a weird little cult.. I've never seen people so adamant on shitting on someone they don't even know. It's looking suspect AF, paid for influencers following this dude around, botted/bought comments.. very telling and easy to spot for me as this channel has been fukt with for years now, so watch for the mob in the comments. Anyway, feel free to reach out to Nigel at Mr.Nigel.Cheese@gmail.com - Even if you just want to say hello and send him some love :). He's also asked everyone/anyone with outreach to share/mirror this. Nigel: "If you know of any other sites / users / people who could also host the video... The more that see it the better of we all are". MoreLove, Norb ** Nigels Channel:
https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCNqH... #NigelCheese #NigelCooper #Hands

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