Connecting With Your Soul

January 6th, 2016    Questions? Email us here    

On January 5th there was a discussion of the 15,000 people that are still displaced from their homes as a result of the earthquake three months ago in northern Italy. The Keshe foundation, through Giovanni, has been actively supporting the Italian Civil Defense authorities in educating, delivering and using the medical Keshe health products in this emergency situation. It has been an enlightening process that is bringing international recognition to the technology.

The Keshe foundation is also delivering simple, very effective water decontamination products that are receiving international recognition, not only in the Italy earthquake zone, but in the water cleanup process in Europe and Africa.

Mr. Keshe suggested that we look at what needs to be done locally in our environment and develop products to support our local populations. For instance, the use of CO2, in many different ways brings animals back to life and is being used in animal care centers.

World poverty happens differently than we are lead to believe. 35% of the children in the United States go hungry. In Norway it is only 9%. In Korea it is 15%. In many places of the world, the pedophilia movement is offering 6-year olds free cinema passes and those children are being unknowingly trafficked to Antwerp, Belgium to supply free energy to the pedophiliacs. There is a direct line from Ghana to Belgium as well. Parents are bribed to supply a picture of their child and hypnotized in the process so they do not see what is really going on. Our job is cleanup, not only of what we do to children but the other messes we make on this earth, and the mess in the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies of humanity that is trying to live on this planet.

Mr. Keshe taught how we upgrade ourselves to become peaceful in the universal community. It takes time to learn to become one with our soul. We must learn through the emotions to meet the soul. He says if 20% of us can do this we can carry the rest of humanity into the universal community peacefully.

The process of how to connect with your soul (at 1 hour 8 minutes in #153 KSW)

1.    Pick a finger that you would like to move. Go to your emotion into your brain and follow this “I want-to-move-my-finger-energy” from your head, down your neck, through your arm and your hand, down to your finger, but do not move it. You are just testing that the information follows the path to your finger.

2.    Do this once more and don’t move it this time either. Just use the intention of using the physical to move it.

3. Now send information from emotion down the same track asking that you want the finger to move and then you inform the physicality to follow this emotion and then you move the finger.

Practice, and Practice then Reverse the Process

Now send the physicality through the emotion without moving it but feeling the finger hot on the table, to try and feel the emotion of the heat in your brain. Practice seeing how the soul responds.

You start establishing how to go through the physical to your emotion and then try to see how your soul responds. This is how to connect with your soul. Bring your physical along, asking your physical to be comfortable so your soul is physically happy.

“I want my physical to change this. I don’t want feel pain here. Temperature is too high but I want to be comfortable,” so your soul is physically happy.

This is the process. Up to now it was magnetical. Practice to learn this gravitational and feedback. Feedback goes to the soul because the next time it has to reflect back to the magnetical.

Understand the reality
Understand the truth.
Understand the essence.
Ask it to move and change because it will give you pleasure.

To hear Mr. Keshe explain this please go to 153# KSW of January 5th at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iDFXcPckDCY&t=505s 


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