White House Mission; Free Energy in Exchange for Peace

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The delivery of one of the plasma technology energy generators to the White House will be this Sunday August 14, 2016. The blueprint will be conveyed as well and Mr. Obama will be shown how to make a generator for the White House power supply. Simultaneously the blueprints will be delivered to Chinese and Russian governments.
Plasma generator

This disclosure will change the course of energy management worldwide. These units have been developed by members of humanity all over the world. People are here to serve one another. Mankind is using energy as the tool of peace. The war games are over. Not only is humanity creating free energy; we have created clean water, free food, non-GMO agriculture, free travel, free health, and free medicine. A major transformation is underway for humanity. Please governments, facilitate this modernization with ease and grace.

Douglas Edwards is leaving from Bentonville, Arkansas at noon on Saturday August 13, gathering supporters along the way, to be in Washington to deliver the generator unit Sunday midday.

We are not sorry that we are pressuring governments toward world peace. The economic system of this planet is rotten to its core. We are changing it. War is no more. There is no need for oil. The slavery of man to money is over. Plasma technology mimics the creation of the universe. Peace is here.

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