Drinking lots but still dehydrated?

There is a dynamic awakening transformation going on within humanity right now. Everyone is becoming more conscious! This is happening on every level; not just physically, but all the way through and implanting itself enthusiastically within the energy levels. At times we pay attention to our bodies and start looking at just how intelligent and conscious they are, even though we have been taught that the body is something we don’t really need. What nutrition do we give it and do we soon find out just how toxic we have allowed it to become?

Do you wonder why your body sometimes bothers you? It is trying to get your attention. Usually we start introducing a myriad of different ways we can be more kind to it. When we look into the health care field we most likely run into professionals that tell us we are dehydrated and must drink more water. So we gulp it down in vast quantities, or drink a little bit every hour, and still they tell us we are dehydrated. Don’t you wonder if there is a reason for this? Is this just another one of those interesting points of view we’ve been taught to believe is reality. Why doesn’t the water we drink get into our cells?

Feeling Thirsty?

This is a sign that you are already dehydrated. Serious symptoms of dehydration don’t arise until blood solids rise by 5 percent – long after you feel thirsty. But, obviously, you don’t want to wait that long. Even mild, subclinical levels of dehydration come with sacrifices in optimal vitality, metabolism and appearance. Like an under-watered plant, the body can survive on less water than it wants, but it’s unlikely to thrive. Either way, feeling thirsty is a good gauge that you need to get some water into your body, and soon. So sip ahead of your thirst.
Find out how surface tension and structured water hold the key.

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