So You've Decided; You are Ordering a Unit

It's here!
July 7, 2016    Questions? Email us here
I date all my website submissions because receiving Keshe plasma technology devices is challenging the worldwide economy that is afraid of such major change; so check the dates to get the most current information.

The first Keshe device ordered by Grassroots Healing Foundation for a client, Shelley, was a House Power Magrav. We are told to be prepared for a 90-day delivery from the time the Keshe Foundation receives the money for the product to arrive at your door. Because this is new technology, that is now only proving its reliability, all the easy ways to get money to Keshe Foundation are either blocked or you have to spend a lot of cash to get your money there. The Keshe Foundation is doing its best to make it possible to use your credit card. This will be happening soon.

The easiest way at present is to use transferwise.com. After I received Shelley's money and put it in my bank account, I processed it through to the Keshe bank account. This Transferwise process usually takes four days, and costs a mere 1.2% (less than $15 CAD) when you are sending amounts above $333 CAD. The minimum fee you will pay for their services is $4 CAD. There are no hidden charges and Transferwise expresses absolute transparency.

If there is any delay in getting your money to the destination expect to get an email. I did. They also let me know as soon as the money arrived in the Keshe bank account. This is great so I could keep Shelley apprised of the progress. Within a week, the Keshe Foundation let me know they had received the money and I was able to let my client, Shelley, know.

On August 1, 2016,  I received an email from TNT.com, a leader in express transport, saying they had received a package from Keshe in Italy and it was on its way and could be tracked with this number so I was able to let Shelley know it was on its way. I checked the next day and could hardly believe that it was supposed to be here the next day, August 3. Shelley looked out on her driveway and there it was being delivered by the Purolator truck. Wahoo!!!

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