My Car Power Magrav Unit Arrives

August 3, 2016    Questions? Email us here
I've waited months to order this magnificent car power device, so imagine my delight when it got here sooner than I expected.

I decided to open it at Mom and Pop's Auto where it was to be installed.

Soon it was out of the box and being admired. The next thing we did was read the directions. Then we checked out my Jeep and decided where to install it.

Of course I pestered them to let me know how long this was going to take. They couldn't come up with an answer as they didn't know how difficult it would be to guide the wire through the firewall of a Jeep. So I left them with the vehicle and went on to do my chores for the day. An hour and a half later I got a call that my Jeep was ready for action.

I could hardly wait to get going. The very first thing I noticed was that the engine was quieter. It seemed to run smoother. I was pretty excited to notice something right away. My car spends most of its time in a parking lot but I am now going to change that.

I drove it over the hill to Port Alberni and back, planning to catch the ferry home at 5:30. I missed the ferry so drove around some more ending up at Englishman River Falls and parked for the night. It was very pleasant to drive. I actually enjoyed driving around. It felt good in my car. I slept in it and slept very peacefully. I noticed I could hear the sound of plasma occasionally although it wasn't as steady or loud as the whistle hum that's always in my house. I'll fill up the tank and see how many miles I get. I'll let you know all the changes as they happen.

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