Make Your Own Free Energy NOW

The delivery of a plasma technology energy generator to the White House will be this Sunday August 14, 2016. The governments of the world will see that, we the people, are ready for World Peace. Even though we realize the principals of the Oval Office may be on holiday, this is the time for the world to know how to make a plasma generator, see it working and see its simplicity. Simultaneously the blueprints will be delivered to the Chinese and Russian governments.

The world’s governments have been given a prior chance. Operational Magrav Power Units were given to them several years ago but very few governments chose to accept the transition the economy would have to do to use them effectively for humanity. The tenures of world leaders to abuse us is hereby terminated! Even those that professed to be willing to bring this technology to their people have come up with delaying tactics. No more. We the people are putting the world face to face with this technology.

This is a very big step for us. We can govern ourselves according to the ancient ethos. We are here to serve each other. We are here to change life on earth. We refuse to allow governments to dictate what they want us to do. This is our first major move to stand as one nation, one race and one planet.

We are the new law, the new structure. Energy and food are sancrosanct. This is not just a new power unit. This is a new way of thinking and we are standing and declaring our position. This new technology is clearing out the old. We are starting the change. We are not waiting for change to come.

Please come join us; http://livestream.com/accounts/20368869/events/5758705/videos/132634754

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