Installing the House Magrav Unit

August 4, 2016
I was talking to Shelley by phone as she was unpacking the box. She hardly made sense she was so excited. As it is European Certified it came with adapters to be used in our electrical system. We decided to get together the next day to get it ready to plug into the refrigerator.

In the meantime, we read the manual and found that it hasn't caught up with the latest developments in installing units yet. We didn't want to void our warranty so the next call is to Technical Support for advice. I was concerned about the way the adapters fitted together. I didn't hear a snap!

Technical advice from John was to:
1. Test the wall plug for the live side with the included tester and mark the wall socket accordingly.
2. Plug in Magravs unit so the mark on the plug matches the mark on the wall socket
3. Plug in the refrigerator. This polarity doesn't matter.

It is no more mysterious than this. If there is no ground, there is no ground... It's not an issue. The ground does nothing in respect to the Magravs unit. It cannot be plugged in backward unless you alter the plugs incorrectly."

About our question on how we had inserted the adapters, John said, "As far as I can see they are plugged in correctly. There really isn't any way to do it wrong. That being said, I need to inform you that using adapters may cause issues with the unit. We have a fairly high failure rate with folks using adapters and in most cases it is the adapter. They don't damage the unit, but can cause issues with plasma flow."
"It is recommended that you change out the plugs for the standard in your area and thereby eliminate the issues adapters cause. If you chose to do this, please ensure the polarity is maintained and it is required that you send clear and detailed before and after pictures to Tech support to protect your warranty. If this is something you are not confident to do, please consult a competent individual."

Please send your 'before', 'during' and 'after' pictures of your rewiring process to John <technical.support@spaceshipinstitute.org>

"Wiring is as follows...
Brown = live
Blue = common
Green/Yellow = ground
Thank you.
John. KFSSI Team."

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