Are you Rooted in Compliance?

March 6 2022   Questions? Email us here 

 Are you Rooted in Compliance?

Your source connection is operating on a new frequency where you have power over history and what happens, not governments or leaders. The balance of power has changed. The slave self is  falling away leaving you no longer confined to old systems of control which attempt to influence you.
You are purifying each day all of the wiring inside you that has hooked you into destruction, despair and death.  Everything is inside us for these times and being revealed. One system is falling and the other one is taking over. That new system is your system, nobody elses. It is in tune with nature, observing everything.
The forgotten past is resetting. You are a being of pure love, remember this.
The new world demands no harm to oneself and other beings in every single instant that it is leaving behind. 
We must claim this new world. It is actually decided and formed by the frequency which you now act from. Not from what you say or think but never do. Do not be afraid of the patterns that come up or your family lineage.  Whatever is there will be dissolved by your inner automatic natural purity system. 
This is also not about respecting others right to destroy themselves and to destroy others This is part of the earths shadow. We all need to stand up and not succumb to the rapidly accelerating exit force of the old system. Birth pains are often challenging. 
Live according to your inner self truth and show your true colors. Our strength is in numbers, not a bunch of negative reactions. Those things don’t count. Really they never did. If you find yourself in one of them just route it to your source for alignment. Put it on that list.
Life must be claimed by action rooted in non compliance. We have healthy control of reality as our responsibility is shared. It’s never, ever enough to agree and do nothing. Keep your eyes on what needs to be done. If you find yourself being stagnant, ask questions; Is this my thought or not? Is this a love frequency? 

What is fear anyway? In the new world it shows you what can be purified. In the old world fear is what attempts to control and make you do something according to a negative agenda.
So how does fear purify? You decide that part. When fear is healthy and rooted in a beneficial frequency, it rapidly shapes you. It shows you what needs to be acted upon. This is because you know deep within that certain things must be done. Willful ignorance is a crime. Take action with this, your own personal frequency. It is impossible for humans to be controlled if healthy responsibility is shared. 
You are resetting everything with purity. Never will you have to look over your shoulder again. The new world is here; keep going, keep asking, keep acting. Collectively we all want the same thing. This is our group responsibility. 

Give each other a break. We are all trying to reflect our sovereign responsibility. We have all been attached to a plasma implant that is being undone as we speak. Face yourself! Let’s bring our magic back!

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