Source Connection Safety

 March 4 2022   Questions? Email us here

Source Connection Safety

Do you feel confident in the safety of your personal source connection? Are you rooted in healthy independence no matter how challenging life seems to have become? Do you trust in your own personal safety?

Enter into your deep solid core where you can rebuild from any traumatic episode. There are more of these potential traps around than you might be aware of. I find new ones disguised very secretly, every day. If you find yourself losing who you are and what you think around another person, you are noticing the first sign of plugging into someone else, rather than yourself. Without recognizing this you have the potentiality of falling into a cult environment characterized by abusive frequencies and extreme behaviours. The solution is to send the issue to your source for dissolution. 

As I’ve said before, god/source lives inside. Doesn’t that mean that there might be something good in your body? Maybe so, lets talk to it and have a discussion. It could be that the frequency on this earth has risen to the point that it is now easy for us to see and experience our own personal internal purification process that is on-goingly sanitizing our conscious AND unconscious thoughts. This internal BS from thousands and thousands of forceful control, money and sex economies, is shifting to benevolence internationally.

All the crap that has been hidden so we can remain enslaved, is bubbling to the surface. And in so doing is being dissolved by everyones’ natural internal purification process. 

So what are we being left with? We rebuild TOGETHER. The separateness we’ve been taught to adore is no more. We now have the golden opportunity to create a new earth where we care and share.

So how do we know we are doing the right things? Well, let’s go inside and feel how our body feels. If it’s good for us (in this place where god lives) then it’s good for every other person, plant, tree or animal on this earth, right? Does god/source make mistakes? No. But sometimes we might.

OK, There are thoughts coming into your awareness that you don’t want. Try asking again. Practice until you get your heart into thoughts you might want to act on, as you learn to hear source. And maybe start shaping small groups of friends where you let yourself talk about these inner creative thoughts. You don’t have to have all the answers within yourself, but together we do have what’s needed.

This galaxy rebuilding is an assembly process, filled with wonderful beings who have backed up far enough to dream and experience a new vista. Let’s learn to communicate with more than words as we build our compassionate world in a new frequency.

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