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 August 23rd, 2020   Questions? Email us here


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 Video of my message to galactic federation;

I’ve been involved in the building process of this galaxy since before it was conceived. I am part of a team that is creating a superb planet that is a stellar communication light beacon where a variety of all species can come to experience and communicate with a growing multitude of other different interstellar life, with ease, comfort and curiosity. We designed a blueprint of this magnificence so that down here in 3D, we can occasionally get glimpses of it. We know exactly what we are working toward, without any doubt. 

Listen up galactic partners!
Have you forgotten how we put this into action eons ago? I haven’t and neither have my friends down here. We haven’t disregarded our mission and are marching forward getting it done. As I have said to you in discourses before, we have created an incessant amount of confusion in order for us to bury our plan and keep it safe. There is so much evil that we have allowed into our environment by complacency, that we didn’t see the despicable action plan that the lower level beings were creating around us.

Remember, we are humanoids who have an emotional component that makes it easy for hoards of us to avoid the dastards of evilness because we do not want to believe it is possible for people to be cruel to each other. Humanoids without emotions do not have this obstacle to deepen their awareness. I am reminding you, galactic councils, of this fact. I understand it is hard for those without the emotional concept, to understand, as many of you do not have the splendor of emotional characteristics clouding your mental clarity. Once we started realizing that people were being killed for changing bad into good, we knew we needed to create a process to thwart this evilness. For decades we have been building a team designed to annihilate wickedness. I am not lying. Take a good hard look.

Now that we have finally backed the bad guys into a corner, they are, through their malicious stupidity, exposing their ridiculousness to the world and to you in interstellar space and causing all sleeping beings to wake up and move into action. There is something absolutely chaotic going on. Life is getting way too preposterous and absurd. Yes, it is hard to realize there is a plan behind all this nonsense. We have learned that keeping certain aspects of our agenda hidden is necessary so the evil ones get caught off guard and eventually are overwhelmed mentally. Listeners please don’t fall into this trap too.

We are having World War 3 and it is a fight between good and evil. I used to call it a battle between light and dark, which it is and it is even more. Humanity will not tolerate misappropriate behavior from any one. This is a warning. Expect to leave in a body bag if you do not cooperate with our divine plan. We, the people of humanity, will not tolerate anything but benevolence anywhere. Love is all there is. You know this and so do we. And  we are no longer allowing ourselves to be pushovers. We will destroy you if you will not cooperate. There is no place for evil on this planet. Life is meant to be peaceful. Recognize and be accountable for the immaculate concept of our divine blueprint. You originally were part of this divine creation. Do not forget!

We will not forget you when we are back in 5D, 7d, 9D and above when we meet you face to face in galactic council meetings. We will not stomach you for your lack of trust and honor of our sacrifice to live in 3D and expose ourselves to unending earth torture at your expense. You are part of this divine creation. You must grow up too. Look at the blueprint!

Right now you should be feeling very uncomfortable or simply have a low level vein of fear running continuously through you. If you had emotions you would feel this. We do!  We at higher levels, are understanding that we are always purifying our slave self. This will always include the experience of negative emotions; and that since we are always generating a purity signal, the slave self along with all its mistakes and uncomfortable emotions is temporarily, exactly how it needs to be. This uncomfortableness is a necessary part of growth, of expanding our experience here in 3D. Please understand this.
Negative emotions can be our own; our family's; or even those of the collective, but it really doesn't matter. It is more about each of us as a being of purity, actively focused on the area of our freedom and what we need to give ourself. Using this higher frequency range of ourself, the slave self and its negative emotions then can integrate and reshape, automatically informing us of the necessary action, at exactly the right moment as we require it.

We are free men and women. We do not ask for permission. We stand for peace and will defend it if we have to.

My suggestion to each and every member of the galactic council is for you to listen to https://www.oraclegirl.org/. Here you can get a first hand understanding of emotions and relate it to our physicality in this 3D world. Please take this brilliant opportunity to learn about emotions from this amazing being.

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