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I am learning that speaking the truth that resounds from within your body, even though it might make yourself and other people that you are in conversation with uncomfortable, is a sure way for you yourself to grow and perhaps even for the other person to recognize the inner wisdom within their body as well. So I am including my dialogue with the moderators of the emailing list as an example of my personal self worth growth. The great thing about this exercise is you don't have to remember anything except to tune in to your inner knowing self.


The dialogue starts

Your request to the Lasqueti Island emailing list Posting of your message titled "difficult encounters" has been rejected by the list moderator.  The moderator gave the following reason for rejecting your request:

"Hi Nikki, the moderators have been getting complaints about the content of the links you are forwarding. We don't (can't) check content of 3rd-party links for whether it breaks the moderation guidelines, and we want to keep the list safe, interesting, and relevant as a forum for Lasquetians to speak in their own voices, rather than yet another place on the internet where 3rd-party content is simply propagated. For that reason, we are asking people who post 3rd-party links to provide a summary in their own words about what the linked page contains and why they believe that content is relevant to Lasquetians in particular. I know you are probably trying to do that,
but from what you are writing it isn't clear to me what I would see if I actually clicked on that link you are providing, and how it fits in with your own argument. Could you be more explicit about outlining your own argument, how it relates to Lasqueti and Lasquetians, and how it relates to the content of the linked page? E.g., I believe that in the current times .... The following article is about .... "

Any questions or comments should be directed to the list administrator
at:     lasqueti_maillist-owner@lists.lasqueti.ca

My reply,

It is obvious that the Lasqueti list moderators and some Lasquetians are targeting me as a conspiracy theorist while I am posting some of the latest reveals on GESARA and spirituality. There are some people on Lasqueti who do allow themselves to look into the economic and spiritual shadows to see the benevolent potentials of the universe we live in. The submission that you are now refusing, “difficult encounters” had been sent to you once before with a summary about what the linked page contains. Yes it was relevant to Lasquetians in particular. I suspected it was being ignored so I resent it with a different blurb.
For anyone to remain silent when he knows something that is forward-moving and defies the media narrative with facts and to not take action is paramount to acquiescing evil. Too bad I will not be allowed to use this forum to show people where to look for well researched, valid, truthful information in our confused planet. There is a lot of crap out there on these same subjects.
Have you spent decades uncovering our corrupt legal system? Have you noticed the way the world population is fed debilitating food so our immune system is compromised; we don’t feel so good and are more easily controlled? What about the pharmaceutical industry? Do they make any money keeping us sick? Oh I wonder why the governments tax us so incessantly that we have to spend all our time working and never have time to peacefully think. These are only a few things to become aware of.
There are far more. What about the banksters?  I’ve been studying this for decades.
What about the educational system that teaches kids how not to think? Do you know that 22,000 children go missing worldwide each day? Yes each day! Do you know people torture them and then drink their blood (adrenochrome) to promote their personal long life and get high? Do you know these children have been living underground and many of them have never seen daylight! Our military has been rescuing them. We need to honor our military for what they have been through underground. It ain’t fun down there.
As you’ve been doing these investigations how many of these truth-seeking researcher friends of yours have mysteriously died? Yes, how many have been killed? I’m running out of fingers to count. Don’t expect me to do nothing.
Many blessings
Nikki Darwin

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