Smoke Screen to cover up the Global Financial Reset

   August 12th, 2020   Questions? Email us here

Thank you Charlie Ward for this short review of current events.

Reference; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rK4PdAs1oRQ&feature=youtu.be&t=7

About minute 2:30 All of this is a smoke screen to cover up the Global Financial Reset. However, I was unaware that a reset has also been planned by the evil side. But they had completely different plans. Be careful on the wording because it’s very similar.

When you look at the way the good side was going and the evil side was going it becomes incredibly clear. To have our reset President Trump has needed to drain the swamp.

What does “draining the swamp” mean?  I don’t think we had any idea how much evil there was in the world. Much of the swamp are pedaphiles and they work in governments. We found out yesterday that some work at the top levels of the police force, the military, the Royal Families. You have no idea how deep these tentacles go.

We had news yesterday that there were 30,000 pedaphiles arrested out of Germany yesterday. Lots were arrested in Spain and in England.

This is incredibly good news and there was nothing in the main stream media about it. I’m not saying everyone in the media is pedaphiles…they are not…..but, if you look at who owns them and they have connections to the pedaphile and Satanic gangs in a level that you or I could never dream of.

The masks and the virus are just a distraction from the cabal and the deep state to keep us away from hearing about the draining of the swamp.

The next election is not about Democrat and Republicans…..it will be about good and evil…..there are good democrats too…..good and bad in all parties….

In every country we need to stand up and expose all the evil in all the countries….it’s time for a big change for the better.

We are moving into a wonderful time….this is the great awakening. The Deep State are panicking. 

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