Special Ops Soldiers killed in Cabal DUMBs trap

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E. Tues. 2 March Gene Decoder by Mark A. Baughman: “In the last week or so many Special Ops Forces have died while clearing out D.U.M.B.S and rescuing children in underground tunnels and bases that the illuminati has set-up worldwide. The tunnels were being blown-up with Alliance forces specialized and trained in this combat tactics that has been going on for over four years. It was a recent trap by the Cabal troops. They appeared to be surrendering, but blew up all. This was the Divine order to the highest degree, to save the children and stop ab/uses for all people, especially the chi/ldren. This is why the flag at Mar-O-Largo was flying at half-mask. Please pray every day for the brave Alliance soldiers.”

F. Wed. 3 March Judy Note: Deep Underground Tunnels (DUMBS) were being destroyed after Alliance Special Forces had rescued multi-millions of tor/tured chi/ldren – over a million in Australia alone. The latest in the worldwide operation was the rescue of over 100,000 traumatized chi/ldren and cor/pses found two miles beneath the White House and Capitol Hill.

Since 2018 on the order of President Trump and the Pentagon Ped/ophile Task Force, US Marines and Special Forces have trained themselves and military forces worldwide for the rescue of millions of these na/ked, tor/tured and malformed chi/ldren and bo/dies out of DUMBS across the US and globe. Congress, Biden Arrested as Military Rescues Tortured Children From Tunnels Beneath Capitol Hill | Politics | Before It’s News

The DUMBS have been built day and night since the 1940s when after World War II, George HW Bush organized the CIA, imported Nazi Mind Control experts into the US and Canada to do tortuous experiments on children and funded the tunnels to be built.

Corpses and victims trapped in the vast tunnel system across the globe included pregnant prete/ens, deformed ba/bies, piles of little cor/pses whose bo/dies appeared to be used for org/an har/vesting, na/ked chi/ldren – some of whom had never seen the light of day – locked in cages, electro-shocked for hu/man experiments, org/an har/vesting, tor/turous mind control, se/xual exploitation and Adrenochrome production – the blo/od of a traumatized chi/ld said to cause a “high” and age reversal, although cutting off the supply meant a horrendous death for perpetrators.

The tunnels were used for global and political elite, plus local Sat/anic coven ped/ophile parties and chi/ld sac/rifices in honor of Sat/an. Tunnel facilities were also child “training” stations for Sat/an follower perpetrators in order to traumatize-mind control their own or kid/napped chi/ldren into multiple personalities and thus secure lifetime control over victims.

In the US alone there were over 120 DUMBS that connected most major cities including all capital cities, US AFBs, US Navy Bases, US Army Bases, FEMA Military Training Camps and DHS Control centers. The tunnels were over two miles underground, with diameters from ten miles high to 30 miles across. They contained large underground cities with human experiment stations connected by high speed magneto-levity trains with speeds up to 1500 mph.

In the past 40 years alone US taxpayer monies in excess of 12 trillion dollars has come out of the CIA Black Budget to spend on digging, building and maintaining the massive, covert infrastructure for the founding of a One World Government and New World Religion.

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