How unhealthy is fear

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How unhealthy is fear

"How far do we go into observing the dark side before it becomes unhealthy for us?"

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I sent to my friend Susan a blog that I thought might be interesting to her. I had learned something new from it. We continued our conversations and finally she said and asked, “It’s not really the kind of news that one can be happy to know. I’m still weighing the importance of how much negative stuff I should keep up with. Where are you on that front?”
My reply;
I avoid the negative stuff as much as I can. My only concern is that I have an awareness of the current BS so I don't step into a mudpuddle. My primary concern is being in an environment that allows me to change and support humanity's change. I've sortta got to the point that we, humanity, need to become aware of the bs, realize it is really there and that something is being done about it AND not to live in fear. If you choose not to do this you are going to die and it might get ugly. This is getting obvious.

I really dislike watching ugly. It makes me not want to see and become an avoider too. I realize that I so do not want to look at this on an unconscious level that I am lessening my eyesight.  I've not been successful fixing this yet. I've tried several healing methods over the years that I’ve been aware of this unconscious habit. I've recently started a protocol with MMS and it may be helpful at removal, because I feel like I have stuff in my eyes that is coming out quite often.
This is my concern about negativity. It could be my weak point as my mom went blind and I know I use some of her habit patterns. I know there is no such thing as disease, viruses, diabetes etc. DNA doesn't cause it. All there is, is toxicity which comes from an acidic body. You gotta keep your morning urine ph above 7.2. (ideally 7.8-8.2) I've eliminated a lot of things that I know create acidity but on Friday I'm going to your island to buy a tube of ph strips so I can check myself regularly.
And I'm going to do a bad thing and bring a tub of icecream back and share it with my friend who is making a berry pie from his saskatoon patch. He's been competing with the birds and storing berries in his frig to get enough for this pie. It's my birthday Friday and I'm gonna allow myself to indulge at least once a year. ha ha. Sorry to go on and on about this, but you asked the question and this is my truth about it right now. Many blessings Nikki
Fantastic response... it may be worthy of putting on your blog for others. I'm sure those of us on the same page are going through the same thing... "How far do we go into observing the dark side before it becomes unhealthy for us?"

More about this automatic unconscious programming;
I’ve also learned that often people reduce their hearing so they don’t have to listen to what’s going on around them, even if they claim it’s because they didn’t protect their ears from loud noises. Becoming aware of our unconscious thought processes is part of looking inside ourselves, and then getting to know who we really are. When we hear we need to love ourselves that can be challenging. All we are aware of is our faults. We are sinners. We’re not good enough.  Even if we don’t believe this consciously, it is rumbling around at a deeper level.

We don’t have to be brave souls and ignore the crap that is going on in our subconscious mind. There is a way to change. Where is your soul? It hears this crap too. Our souls are ready to live in a benevolent environment. You and I have an amazing inner healing ability. 

How many lifetimes have you had on this planet?  Do you realize that not only food but any negative trauma creates an acidic condition in your body? When the deer is chased by a predator and manages to flee to safety, it stops, and shakes itself to remove all the adrenaline it needed to get to shelter. Next thing you see it goes back to grazing as if nothing had happened.

Not so with humans. We are continually fed fear by organized media and reminded to stay in fear. Even those of us that have become worn out enough to turn off the TV and news, have listened to so much of it that we regularly recreate unhealthy thoughts in our mind, repeating them over and over again to ourselves, without thinking about them. Do you think I’m kidding? Do you dare look inside yourself? Is this so we don’t get lonesome? We have been taught separation, haven’t we? Wear a mask, hide your truth. Does your body ever have a chance to heal itself?  It can if it has a chance.

Most people have no idea of the unconscious reverberations that we repeat to ourselves incessantly.  We think those thoughts and imagine that’s who we are. Sorry; you are not those thoughts, you are not that way and you can change yourself if you want to. You were born magnificent. Society has taught us otherwise. We are now in the pain of rebirthing ourselves. It takes courage and discipline to start and to continue this process until you receive results like, maybe you can love yourself. Don’t give up if it doesn’t happen in two weeks, or two months or two years. How many lifetimes have you lived in this war mongering planet. We have had thousands and thousands of lives filled with hostility. Humanity has finally decided enough is enough.

The few that do not realize they have an inner healing mechanism and refuse to be aware are inciting people around them to step up and serve their cause of violence all over this planet. Obviously this is a revisit of inner slavery. 

Adopted from Oracle Girl
When someone is riddled with abuse frequencies, they cannot hear anyone except their own selves. They are stuck on a course which follows one pattern ultimately to self destruction. In the end what they stand for and who they are will no longer be supported by all beings. It is just a matter of time until the frequency of each person connected with them has risen to a sufficient level, then they will be informed and their actions will no longer be possible. The extent to which they have persisted will bring great injury but only to themselves, and everyone who has supported them. This is not a punishment. It is nature simply removing what stops the whole design behind this universe from continuing in the right direction. And it takes one more thing, which is incredibly important.  Everyone must want the truth more than the benefit of staying in the abusive pattern.

When that wish to have what is right is stronger than ones regard for oneself, everything will come aright. Until that point, abuse frequencies will dominate and a path to more harm is assured. The person who is riddled by abusive frequencies, never, ever realizes it. They have already been taken over and your objection will only strengthen their actions.

There is another way. By returning to neutrality you can find what you want and in that moment you will deeply negotiate and override even the fear of going it alone. Then you are free. And this universe will step up behind you, because the frequency of what you want and placing yourself first, rewrites the frequency of fear.

What you want cannot be self indulgent or taylored only to your own advantage. It cannot be the type of want that issues out of the abuse frequencies. It has to be the type of wish that values human beings more than the issue. Then you enter into universal frequencies on the setting of pure love. Then you act for all beings including yourself, because you know it is more important to try, rather than endorse what is wrong. Even failure while you’re trying is on that very Source Field Frequency which breaks apart the hold of fear and consigns abuse to dissolution.
The wish must be genuine and born out of a love that wishes to see something that you dearly value made real. The desire will issue in your own being. It surfaces when you are ready to give up your old self.

I will tell you a secret that you have always known. Your old self was deeply abusive, whether you accept that or not.  In walking away from abuse, people running you and playing in your life, you must first of all accept this inner knowingness. You have been enmeshed with this slave self. You are just as abusive as the abuse frequencies you can no longer support. No longer supporting the old you and no longer supporting the abuse of others, step back into the fear of the unknown. Stay here. Yes. It is true safety. You will always be alive and truthfully unable to be controlled. Freedom from abuse reconnection is accepting your own part just as much as another’s in what is happening to you.  And then you can move to the next level where you focus on the other source which has brought about the problem in the first place between you and others.

Receiving this purification from your own self healing ability for all of your ego and your pride, your mistake based in original sin that someone else is guilty or that you are yourself.  Stand outside the zone of fear which comes when you insist you are right and somebody else is wrong. And restore your personal sovereignty to the place where abuse can never happen to you or anyone else.

Learning to listen to what‘s going on inside is a challenge at first. You inner thoughts seem so loud and important. Keep it up. Your heart will soon be able to be heard. It might be subtle at first. But when you listen and take action soon you will see things changing.Maybe you will start meditating. Maybe you will just sit quietly under a tree. Maybe you will be communing with a pet. What ever it is just keep doing it and you will soon be enjoying a new stress-free self. Your fight and flight mechanism will cease continual activation and you will come into communion with other people and the natural environment. Masks are only here to hide the truth.

More from Oracle Girl

When someone is completely taken over by abuse frequencies, they can only hear themselves and how they are “right” opposed to someone else who is “wrong.” They fail to realize their slave self has become locked into the slave self of another, which will only end in self-destruction. This person is reduced to breaking bonds of affection; perpetually alienating loved ones; and fuelling the cycle of abuse. A precious opportunity passes to establish authentic personal sovereignty and we miss the experience of true safety.

What is the zone of true safety? First it is a place of neutrality and detachment where suddenly one realizes intellectually, that both parties are a false image. There is no fault or blame because one suddenly grasps the slave self is always a mirror image of something else and has no independent reality. Next the fear of the unknown takes over as one encounters a completely different space. Here fixation is impossible: no one thing or person can ever be one’s mirror. Intense uncertainty arises - often extreme control issues and anxiety - as the false identity begins to annihilate.

Finally, if this process is not disturbed and the cycle of blaming, accusation and denial is not re-entered … neither towards oneself nor another … terror morphs into fullness and the wish for a deeper way surfaces, rooted only in truth. This spontaneous, automatic desire simply wells up - it cannot be rehearsed or manufactured. This rewrites the slave self, and we reconnect with our real selves. We eject the debris of our fake personality and enter into communion with all humanity.

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