Difficult Encounters

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We are trained to avoid confrontation and most of us abhor a scene. When there is conflict, there can be a very uncomfortable feeling left in our bodies. It is so much easier to be absent or stay quiet - to withdraw and disappear so you don't have to face difficulty.

However, we simply do not live in those times anymore. Each one of us has a responsibility, in measured calculated ways, not to support what brings harm and push back against what isn't right for us. Those who are not awake need to hear embodied truth - rather than global populations being bullied into something which may well prove irreversible.

How to address a situation where you have something to say - and you know it - but fear the consequences? The strength of frequency of your own purity is now adequate from which to reverse the tide. The whole point at this moment is to push the boundary into the zone of discomfort for any second party who is unaware of their beliefs and actions. Let them think about it. Let there be a scene. It is important there is body unease. That discomfort is the feeling of the slave self dismantling. Even the most relentless invasion of physical space, personal and emotional sovereignty can be slowed and sent back in the other direction. Now is an incredible opportunity to speak up and challenge - before it is too late.

This purification track is for standing firm in the face of challenge and provocation, unshakably asserting your position without losing control. Embrace and use internal feelings of discomfort to open up a space for another's self awareness. Further embody your purity physically - in family, social and public zones of contestation - so that your loved ones transform and even strangers begin to wake up.

Purification track
Just relaxing.  And listening to my voice. In difficult times there can be difficult encounters. What is better, to say now and be resisted, feel anger and disappointment and that person listening may be waking up later? Or not saying, censoring, stepping back, out of fear and the relentless march of what may destroy you ending up on your very own doorstep. Act now! Relax later!

Life does not need to become a dogfight, merely a procession of incidents where you move clearly, more firmly and more quietly. Speak your truth!  The other person can get louder. The other person can become aggressive. Let them burn off their denser frequency while you stand firm. You do not need to answer, to challenge or provocation.  All you need to do is keep on speaking your truth as you find it presented to you in your body. Others may use facts to dazzle you or to try to topple what you are saying. Simply go back to your body and what you know to be true. A human being must always be able to feel through the channel of the source connection in ones body, in order to experience purity. When the body is tampered with, it becomes subject to other sources and a vessel for other influences, rather than pure love.  

The slave self will always attend to you, argue, in order to gain a hold over your reality. Simply be curious. Just see what strategies they use while they purify through this difficult encounter. So it is not your words that matter, but first of all, your physical presence refusing to go away. Because it is that presence which holds the frequency of purification that changes another.
Your body emits a signal which forces others to change up into your frequency. So hold your space. Do what you wish to do, say what you really want to say and keep to your own narrative.

Always remember it is never about information and perspectives. Examining all side of a question is a mental activity rooted in the slave self which will only ever answer to its own story of enslavement. You know deeply what is right and what is wrong for you, from what your body tells you, even if you are worried that this is distorted by patterns. When you purify, you learn through consequences to continually refine your understanding and your bodisetti. So your intuition and your instinct can always be trusted since you are 

And your chore is to push the boundary when you are being encroached upon, so you push it just a little further back towards the person who seeks to dominate you through discussion. Continually add in more and more of what you keep hidden so the other party is forced to function in all of their personal field and connect with all of their body which undoubtably will make them feel uncomfortable. Use control healthfully to overturn negative control, watching carefully as you push the other party into feeling what they refuse to feel.  And see that may trip within,which they are imprisoned, slowly bend and break.

The discomfort that you will feel is important. It is the deeper purification of your own being which previously would not venture into the zone of contestation, conflict or contradiction. You will notice your timekeeping will improve. Your awareness of potentially difficult or troublesome situations ahead of time will increase. You will have more agility and control over your physical body to be much more sensitive to arguing. And also your immunity to illness and contagion will improve. Difficult encounters are extremely good for you. They flex the muscle of your embodiment and make you grow in self worth and stature. No need for assault verbal or physical. Simply standing your ground and saying what you feel and know to be true at any cost, saves pain in the future. Injustice also unnecessary. Loss of life and damage to society. If you say now it will be so much easier later. If you stay hidden and do not express yourself you will be controlled more and more and more. Receiving this purification from your own self healing ability regardless of fear and trepidation to simply refuse anything in your environment which impeaches the freedom and truth of your being physical and spoken.

Reference; https://www.oraclegirl.org/join

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