Do You Have a Purpose?

July 4th, 2020   Questions? Email us here

To My Dear Starseed Self Identity, Thank you for being you.
There was a time when I thought I was a Lemurian. I remember hanging out with the Pleiadian Star Mothers. I had the Akashic memory of using and teaching with the Seeking Balance Wheel in Lemuria and later in other places on this earth. I live off the grid now and built one on my property. I made a hundred little ones to give away. I even made T-shirts.

This Akashic research opened up a far bigger remembrance of my so-called purpose. I may have been a Lemurian once upon a time. But if I am true to my remembrances, I was part of building this Milky Way Galaxy, I remember the component of putting together the proposal for this earth. This earth is designed to be a very, very special place. The blueprint is so amazing I am challenged as I vision it. I know earth is magnificent.

I’ve been here a while in this embodiment and I experience a bunch of body aches and pains. If the flashes I get of my past are even slightly true, I’ve done a helluva lot in the physical on this earth in my many 3D embodiments. No wonder the body hurts. I am amazed that I am so determined to be in service at every moment. Strength is my fortitude. I chose the most powerful mother I could for this embodiment and I am using everything she gave me to do my job. It is especially easy to honor my parents now that I see the far bigger picture. A lot of my life hasn’t been fun, but I know, I feel and I honor the team I am working with in something that is even bigger than this galaxy. 

It brings me to tears to be writing this truth. I love you. I love me. I love the unicos. And I love you for being you.

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