Nanobot Transmission in Your Body

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If you have interest in simple ways to undo the effectiveness of the nanomaterials that have been institutionalized into the environment, so that we can be controlled in our thinking and actions remotely, read on. 

Over the last 4 or 5 decades there has been a concerted effort to encourage people to act deliberately in various unscrupulous ways. There are a myriad of different strategies to enact this, and the conclusions were, that people need to think that these ideas and actions are coming from within themselves. Humanity was becoming too aware to just do what it was told to do. Slaves no more! We didn’t like being bossed around and having to do things that went against our community desires. So how could ‘they’ get us to do what ‘they’ wanted us to do, without us realizing we were being commandeered?

Enter nano technology. When nanos first arrived, the scientists were health oriented and used these tiny nanos in supplemental form to significantly improve various body functions. One of the things that could be done was to totally repair a worn out heart, easily and quickly. Heart attacks were the major problem at that time. The pharmaceuticals took note of this research and bent it in their direction, the make money direction. The population control agenda took it in their direction. The international banking wizards got it going in their direction, and the politicians got into controlling the population into more slavery.

These inventions became operations that merged together in various ways to ”enhance” our lives. Money speaks. Follow the ownership and you’ll see the same people own everything detrimental. You can look at the technological advances over the last while and see these manifestations in corporate actions. So what they did was encourage us to revel in these advances, but sold them with an invisible system in place enabling us to ask for the very thing they wanted us to have. To hell with what we wanted. It’s been a busy few decades while they got their fingers anchored everywhere.

Lets go back to those nano particles. The elite scientists, well paid by the mercinaries, noticed that mind control particles adhered to metal particles in the body. Oh, you can magnetically attract these transmission control nano bits to metal bits in the body. Oh, now you can control people from a distance and get them to act just as you would like. In wholistic healing, an old profession of mine, our major job was to get these metals out of our bodies. We knew metals were poisoning us.

Okay, let’s feed them crap food so their immune system can’t work properly. Maybe then people will listen to our story. Enter the gmo industry. You know that narrative. It wasn’t working fast enough for them. How are we going to get more nano-coaching bits into these people? Okay, let’s get more metals into their bodies. Enter chemtrails, spraying these metal transmission nano bits into the air at high altitudes. They are heavy and gently float down for you to breathe. Ever notice how some people have coughing, sneezing and allergy fits a few hours after you see the chemtrails. It’s several hours later so how could there be a connection, right?

Remember, these tiny metal nanobits have tiny transmission devices magnetically stuck to them. They are turned off just like the surveillance ap they installed in your phone last time it got updated. They can be turned on against your will. When they are turned on you think the information is coming from you, because it is coming from inside your mind, right? How do you know you are being controlled? You don’t!

So you move to Lasqueti to get away from this crap. Yes nature helps. It has saved my life. My definition of nano tech is the nanobits are so small they cannot be seen with the naked eye. Nano just means really, really, really small. Fortunately for you the transmission nanobits are very weak and can be deactivated. To get these “heavy metals” out of your body can be challenging. So let’s make them unable to be turned on, yes, turned into duds.

Remember I said the nanobits inside your body are weak? Go on the internet and find out how to make a small ElectroMagneticPulse generator. You realize, of course that you keep magnets away from your phone, computer and similar electronics. Do the same with your EMP generator. Keep it away from your electronics. At least have it turned off. Just use it on bodies to nullify the nanobots.

Make it. Turn it on, hold the EMP 2-6 inches from your body. Click its activator over your head once, once over your torso and once over your legs. You can’t be remotely controlled any more. You know your thoughts are yours. Ask your heart for corroboration. It will tell you the truth.

Now, all you people that think vaccines are good for you, listen up. Ever since 1997 internationally, all, I mean all vaccines have been injecting nano metal transmission deavices into you, even into babies and children. They tell us these metals are preservatives. Ha, ha! Refuse vaccines now. The vaccine concept may have been great once upon a time, but it is not now. Nullify those nanotransmission devices in you immediately. Don’t be a marionette.

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