COVID-19 Pandemic Hoax

July 25th, 2020   Questions? Email us here

Maybe it's Research Time?

Health Canada thanks to the Freedom of Information Act (Kari Stevens): COVID-19 and it’s testing is officially a complete fraud. Health Canada response file: A-2020-000208 / BH under the Access to Information Act R.S.C. says that Health Canada has no record describing the isolation of any Covid-19 virus. This means that 'COVID-19 has not been isolated' - which means that all COVID-19 response is fraudulent, Covid-19 testing is fraud, media hype is just propaganda and the daily press briefings by the Health Officers is fraudulent.

If the virus has not been isolated then what are they testing for? What are they pretending to diagnose? What are they pretending to cure? What are they making a vaccine for? What are they pretending to prevent through mandatory masks? Anyone still trying to say its a ‘conspiracy theory’ here is the original letter pdf for download to scrutinize: click

This letter was received through email exchanges with Health Canada: June 24th, 2020 “We were unable to locate any records. Read the chain of email exchanges of this FOI application: click

All this over a 99.96% survival rate and a .04% death rate across our country!! This isn’t about an illness, it’s about control and tyranny.

Dr. Jeff Barke – “Never before in the history of this great republic”: click

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