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I apologize for the ads that mess up these documentaries to encourage you to stop watching. I don’t know how to stop them. Keep scrolling down please.

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Justice for Canada, Mass arrests happening, Cannabis from 5D (part 2), Creating 5D New Planet

Do you think things are confusing? They’re supposed to be. Count on it continuing for a while. The truth is too much for most people.

Many political celebrities have been executed. The first one I knew about was Bush Senior. After his arrest and charges he opted for the painless lethal injection. Remember his funeral? Others have left since. They know they have been indicted for major crimes. Why else would the doubles be acting so stupid? Don’t get drawn into the fear porn they, with the help of the media dump on us . Just keep praying as the LIGHT keeps on winning. Pray for everyone and everything. Truth wins every time.

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