Generator Field Testing and Making CO2

January 14th, 2016    Questions? Email us here    

The tectonic plates of the earth are continuing to move with the pressure being absorbed by Italy. Places on the earth that are recording ominous activity, leading to major shifts are Japan, the West coast of California, Italy and Iran. Mr. Keshe has asked the Tokyo researchers to move to safer ground.

Field testing revealed a potential problem in the design of the solid state generator. The amalgamation of three parts of the unit were showing a weakness.  This plasma fields’ mismatch or “crossing” has been identified and 100% rectified. The generator is on its way to manufacturing. This was only a delay and it will be available soon.

Mr. Keshe continued to bring us more understanding of our internal structure and the operation of our souls and reliance on our soul to find a path. How does the physical state of matter relate to our soul? He told us once again that our physicality is controlled by our soul. Man has a fear of maturity that falls into these three groups;
1. Those who understand what is going on.
2. Those determined to get out of here on a spaceship and
3. Those who choose to stay here on earth. This is a transition time. People are so disconnected from their soul that they have forgotten their truth. They listen to prophets not their soul. In reality every man is a messenger for peace.

He talked again about following the path from your finger to your brain. The construction of the soul is the same as the construction of the universe and the earth. We are moving from bi-ology to soul-ology. Which part of the brain connects to the soul? Teach man about the operation of his soul. Soul of planet is the same as soul of man. Can we understand interactions in relation to our environment? We’ve been living with falsified knowledge. Do we need the physicality of man to go into space? Try to connect physicality with the emotions. Where does it go on the gravitational side?

Does your soul want to be part of a spaceship? Listen to present fallacies or use the brain as a feature of future strength. Why confine your soul? The magnetic and gravitational dissolves the amino acids of the brain and the soul becomes independent of the physical. You can now see the intelligence of interaction of souls. Reduce the boundaries that have been given to the brain. Detach from the physical to become closer to soul and move to the next level of understanding.

Many South American prophets are bringing this new level of understanding to light. They understand and try to transfer the info to us. They connect with intangibility and act as a mirror reflecting back into our core and allow our center to reposition itself so the truth has a place to reside.

We hide ourselves and are afraid of our truth. We are to go to space with confidence and knowledge, not misinformation. We are teachers not preachers. We can understand and then inspire. Man is in the trap of trying to explain things. Scientists will go so far, then they stagnate because it conflicts with suppositions. They reach a judgement point and can’t go any further. Then leave and the scientific process brings them back to this same point once again.

The new president in Ghana is leading Africa from its loss of self-confidence to making products that clean up their environment. They are soon to become world leaders in plasma technology. As a team, Africans are connecting plasma solutions to their toxicity problems. Their land has been raped with the greed of the rest of the world.  Making their own solutions to their problems is giving them confidence in their abilities to care for their own culture. They are starting to shine.

He asked us to report any pedophiles to higher authorities as they are still using children for free energy.  They are inventing new ways to satisfy their scam. Be alert!

Caroline, Mr. Keshe’s wife, spoke and asked us to keep it simple. Supply what is needed in our local environment. Help those who can’t help themselves.  Create the change, Go back to basics. Many people can’t afford anything. Pass on our joy of sharing.  Step back and analyze the situation and start a creation process that brings us pleasure. Give help and support and family. Don’t be afraid to do, just do it. Remember the joy of gans and give it out. Help humans, animals, rocks and plants.  Bring people to joy, not complications. Give feedback to the foundation so we all know what is happening and can learn.  Don’t stay in the shadows.  Step out. Intent does not depend on your intellect. Your wish, if in balance and connected with your emotions, within 14 days will produce the outcome.

Give people options
Zip bag or bottle of CO2 gans water
Spray bottle of CO2 gans water
Essential oils with CO2 gans water
Alekz bead project
Bag or ? of CO2 gans water for a sick fish tank
Spray windows with CO2 gans water
Spray food with CO2 gans water
And so on. Many tiny changes make change. People can start building up their life bit by bit.
Earthquake turbulence is coming. Get prepared.  Stock up on needs and have a safe place to go. Find a way to purify water. Inform your friends.

For a deeper understanding of #154 KSW January 12th 2017 please go to  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IIDvO9LfCqY

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