The Soul Science of Creation

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The following information is my brief synopsis of 156 KSW of January 26, 2017  that can be found at at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0hsVsQ3cDbs

This is the third year anniversary of the Keshe Knowledge Seeker Workshops. KSW never misses a week. The momentum of plasma knowledge is engaging humanity faster and faster, inspiring new volunteers to share this amazing information. A world-wide 24/7 astonishing teaching team is in operation.

Last weeks’ KSW was emphasizing child trafficking activities and brought to the surface the connection between several major players in the worldwide pedophilia ring. These players don’t seem to be able to stop talking about themselves, defending themselves and thus revealing their activities. Interpol is moving forward to legally dissolve many aspects of their activities. The hacking and destroying of various peoples’ computers over the last year was cited. Austrian and German police request notification by everyone who has had their computer attacked by this ring. There is a big push on at high security levels to put pedophiles behind bars. One particular gentleman in question uses many names and has been heavily monitored internationally for the last 6 months. Please report your attacks to local authorities as well.

The ultimate goal of KF research is space travel. Ghana has dedicated land expressly for space flight with a 50,000 square meter gift to build the first flight platform in Africa. (58:36) Jon from Arizona shared new info regarding the spaceship Hope and asked us to honor her energy in our quiet times. The diameter of the energy field of the emerging spaceship is 400 feet.

(1:58:19) “Where is the position of the soul in the vertical people? We know they have emotion. We know they feel pain. We know their response to lover talk”. Plasma technology changes the environment so that the plants and animals no longer get sick. African scientists can quickly get their research converted into products and into the hands of their people because they do not have to deal with lobbyists.
(2:24) Heather Bryant presented information about the Standing Rock standoff where many Indian tribes have united to emphasize their point that they do not want their natural land and water polluted by an oil pipeline built through their property that leaks and causes damage to their resources and wildlife. Mr. Keshe presented a new refreshing option to benefit both sides of such a conflict in a peaceful way that supported the economy of each side.

At (3:12) Jackie shows a quick video of a French gentleman who is making water from the Childrens’ Workshop #18.

(3:27:09) Creating a plasma coating is powerful. You can create gans of the amino acid of the neurosystem or gans of the emotional strength of communication. In your gans kit put nanocoated copper and copper and nanocoated zinc and zinc to produce greater availability of amino acids for the body. The salt water environment now creates several conditions, one of CO2, one of Zn oxide, one of the condition of CuO. Maybe put magnesium and potassium salt in the water to make it even closer to what the human body needs. Use magnesium and potassium salt and zinc and nanocoated zinc to make a brain amino acid gans. This is the beginning of producing meat.

Mr. Keshe went on to explain magnetic field pressure center where mass gets pressurized and it changes its energy transfer and opens up the gans and creates more pressure on itself in preparation for flight.

More information is available here at 156th KSW of January 26, 2017; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0hsVsQ3cDbs

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