Western Science Threatened by Keshe Technology?

Present day science has been dumped on its head with the revelations coming from people scattered all over the world as we become entrepreneurs of plasma technology. This is a big stretch for the current scientific mind and many researchers are postulating that the Keshe Foundation must be wrong; they cannot accept a change of this magnitude. To them it means rethinking everything, absolutely everything. What happens to their PhDs?

This open source plasma technology has been given to you and I, so we, you and i, can create peace on earth. We, you and I are very ready for peace. You and I own 49% of the Keshe Foundation. We can make a difference.

There are enough of us who have produced demonstrable results in power, health, medicine, food, agriculture and travel that are improving plasma sustainability. No longer can we be prevented from creating peace as too many of us are educated in this technology and now know how to use it.

It is our job, yours and mine, to educate humanity to the immeasurable possibilities within plasma technology as it impacts these areas of life on earth. Let's make this as evident as we can so fewer of us get killed off by angry people whose economic greed is being devastated.

This is an exponential change that requires time to get into people's awareness to activate those parts of ourselves that we have been trained to ignore for thousands of lifetimes. After all, plasma is what our universe is made of, is what everything around us is made of. Maybe it is time we learn how it all works.
Here is a start.

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