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Your request to the Lasqueti Island emailing list

Posting of your message titled "difficult encounters"
has been rejected by the list moderator.  The moderator gave the following reason for rejecting your request:

"Hi Nikki, the moderators have been getting complaints about the content of the links you are forwarding. We don't (can't) check content of 3rd-party links for whether it breaks the moderation guidelines, and we want to keep the list safe, interesting, and relevant as a forum for Lasquetians to speak in their own voices, rather than yet another place on the internet where 3rd-party content is simply propagated. For that reason, we are asking people who post 3rd-party links to provide a summary in their own words about what the linked page contains and why they believe that content is relevant to Lasquetians in particular. I know you are probably trying to do that, but from what you are writing it isn't clear to me what I would see if I actually clicked on that link you are providing, and how it fits in with your own argument. Could you be more explicit about outlining your own argument, how it relates to Lasqueti and Lasquetians, and how it relates to the content of the linked page? E.g., I believe that in the current times .... The following article is about .... "

Any questions or comments should be directed to the list administrator at:     lasqueti_maillist-owner@lists.lasqueti.ca

My reply,
It is obvious that the Lasqueti list moderators and some Lasquetians are targeting me as a conspiracy theorist while I am posting some of the latest reveals on GESARA and spirituality. There are some people on Lasqueti who do allow themselves to look into the economic and spiritual shadows to see the benevolent potentials of the universe we live in. The submission that you are now refusing, “difficult encounters” had been sent to you once before with a summary about what the linked page contains. Yes it was relevant to Lasquetians in particular. I suspected it was being ignored so I resent it with a different blurb.
For anyone to remain silent when he knows something that is forward-moving and defies the media narrative with facts and to not take action is paramount to acquiescing evil. Too bad I will not be allowed to use this forum to show people where to look for well researched, valid, truthful information in our confused planet. There is a lot of crap out there on these same subjects.

Have you spent decades uncovering our corrupt legal system? Have you noticed the way the world population is fed debilitating food so our immune system is compromised; we don’t feel so good and are more easily controlled? What about the pharmaceutical industry? Do they make any money keeping us sick? Oh I wonder why the governments tax us so incessantly that we have to spend all our time working and never have time to peacefully think. Do you know that financial research has found that between 13-15% taxes on only new purchases would peacefully fund the 7 or 8 billion people on this planet? These are only a few things to become aware of. What about the banksters? There are far, far more issues. I’ve been studying this for decades.

What about the educational system that teaches kids how not to think? Do you know that 22,000 children go missing worldwide each day? Yes each day! Do you know people torture them and then drink their blood (adrenochrome) to promote their personal long life and get high? Do you know these children have been living underground and many of them have never seen daylight! Our military has been rescuing them. We need to honor our military for what the¬¬¬y have been through underground. It ain’t fun down there.

As you’ve been doing these investigations how many of these truth-seeking researcher friends of yours have mysteriously died? Yes, how many have been killed? I’m running out of fingers to count. Don’t expect me to do nothing.
Many blessings, Nikki Darwin

One of the first complaints about me came from Rob Linschoten. This is his second one.
From: rob.linschoten@gmail.com
The segment below references the issues raised by Nikki in her post.

“The growth in the QAnon Facebook communities has come as rival social media platform Twitter undertook a broad crackdown on content and accounts dedicated to the conspiracy theory, citing the movement's "clear and well-documented informational, physical, societal and psychological offline harm".

QAnon is a baseless internet conspiracy theory whose followers believe that Donald Trump is waging a secret war against a "deep state" cabal of Democrats and Hollywood celebrities engaging in pedophilia and sex trafficking. The theory evolved from the 2016 "pizzagate" conspiracy theory and has grown to have real-world political impact. Numerous QAnon adherents are running for elected office as Republicans; the FBI has identified QAnon
as a potential domestic terrorism threat.” Rob Linschoten

My goodness! Anything that says the media is lying to us and trying to get us to think certain ways so we can continue to be controlled and drawn toward people and situations that drive us into slavery deserves dis-creditation, right? Yes, we are taught to worship and value celebrities, medical pharmaceuticals, and politicians who are supposedly doing good things for us. HA! HA! If you do your research you will find that there are 300 people who own/fund major companies that are running our world; (WHO, CDC, google, the media etc. Do your research. Find out who pays for what?).
Now I’m going to let you know something that will assure you how really stupid I am. There are several leading international politicians that are working together behind the scenes to bring down human trafficking, child torture and all its disgusting ramifications.  Putin, Trump, Xi (chairman of the new Republic of China) and the premier of India. Yes I am stupid enough to state these facts that I know to be true. You are correct, I am stupid enough to expose the truth. If you don’t like what I say just don’t bother reading anything I post. That is where your choice is, within yourself. My choice is to expose what my research, coupled with my connection to source is revealing at this present moment in time. Change is constant. What I say today may be different tomorrow.

Change is why your soul is here. What characterizes a soul is its need for continuous expansion; that is why you exist. Souls always need to have the ability to change one concept or fact for another when the new one makes more sense than the old one, without attachments of any kind. Everything must be let go in favor of something more expanded. That’s what souls do, they expand eternally, NOT keeping attachments of any kind, especially not sticking to ideas and concepts that will always be limited.

Yes. All these conspiracy theories are a threat to the media narrative we are being fed. It is time for us all to wake up. I bet you don’t know that TV was originally patented as a mind control device?

I also received On 8/11/2020 7:50 PM, Sylvain Lieutaghi wrote:
Hi Nikki,
You need to stop posting this nonsense.
I really like you and am letting you know you are following conspiracy theories that are so far fetched they make every one shake their heads in disbelief.
You need to rely on scientific research by peer reviewed researchers who specialize in their subjects and not obscure YouTube videos made by charlatans.
I’m writing this for your own good: everybody reading you thinks it’s a joke.

My reply
Dear Sylvain,
You and everyone else are welcome to think my postings are a joke and that I have not done any research and that I must be following conspiracy theories. I'm glad Lasquetians have someone to joke about. It is way more fun to point a finger at someone than look within, isn't it?
Many blessings Nikki

More from the email list folks

Hi Nikki,
we received your message and are discussing its implications and grievances.
This message is from me personally, wanting to get a response to you while we have our discussions.  What follows are my personal sentiments and don't necessarily reflect the group consensus of the list moderation team.
You should know that we highly value free and open dialogue, but free speech has its limits.  Hate speech and other forms of misinformation are against the law in Canada, and one of the tasks list moderators perform is to ensure that any content that even has a whiff of such is rejected -- to do otherwise would put our entire email hosting service at risk of being shutdown.
I know you well enough and can see from your message that your post to lasqueti.ca and the email list are made out of concern and love for your neighbours.  I know that you have good intentions in your heart and would not intentionally harm anyone in our community.
However, based on my own research, the Qanon movement is filled with fear-inciting and hate-mongering, much of it explicitly anti-Semitic.
Based on this assessment, I can't see how, in good conscience, we can continue to allow these theories to be promoted on the list.
I am not saying any given topic is strictly off-limits - we should be able to discuss any topic.  I am saying that lasqueti.ca and the email list cannot be used to promote groups and theories that promote anti-semitism, homophobia, racism, or any other form of hate-speech.
You have much to contribute.  There is SO much wrong with this world and our culture that is not being adequately covered by the mainstream media.  You are not wrong to point out the inequity and injustices perpetuated by complacent governments and profit-seeking corporations.  But I urge you to stick to factual information that can be backed up with evidence, and to be careful about the links you are promoting, which seem to contain content I am certain you do not actually ascribe to.
I suspect posts with links in them will be more heavily moderated in response to feedback from readers who are worried about our email list being used to promote hate groups.
I also suspect that we may simply ban promotion of certain hate-groups, like Qanon, as a short-hand to ensure we can moderate the list efficiently while keeping any whiff of hate speech off the list.
As I said, these are only my own personal views, but to avoid rejections in future, I would encourage you to structure future posts to (1) address one issue at a time so moderators can easily see the line of reasoning you are making; (2) be cautious about the links you post, don't post links to sites that promote hate and conspiracy; and (3) when you do post a link, be sure to adequately summarize what is at the other end of that link so people know what they will see before they click on it.
I hope you are keeping well, and wish many blessings to you too.
Webmaster   Lasqueti Internet Access Society

Moving away from the hive mind

The source for change is within you and I, each of us.. Those who choose to let me know how ridiculous I am always preface their remarks by telling me I am a nice person, someone you at least pretend to like but really Nikki you are stupid to believe there are ways for goodness to exist on this planet.  If you ever did read my stuff you would realize I am not a promoter of Qanon. Sorry you are lying. You have not done your research. I am following your suggestion that I do not use www.lasqueti.ca as well. Guess you will have to go to www.grassrootshealing.org for stupidity tidbits.

It would be well to know that understanding those who think differently from you only magnifies you, makes you understand things more, it expands you. NOT having fixed ideas but always evolving, discarding previous ideas in favor of new ones, without de-meriting the previous ones, thus keeping them as alternatives.
All without attachments apart from the attachment to change, to evolve to leave everything behind and walk into the newness of life; But without having to leave behind what serves you now.

Enjoy what you have, be it matter, people or ideas.  It is a long process of living this way, always expanding and asking yourself things without attachments, always changing as the only constant.

Reality is relative to each person, to each soul, to its evolutionary level and capacity of understanding. People have been creating a series of collective agreements, monitored and imposed by  governments that are a reflection of their worst qualities. Delegating life to a power system is ill by definition, it only looks over its own interests and reaches inevitable collapse. Look around you, dear folks.

We can form a Collective reality that nurtures all elements of the group around us. We depend on the development of consciousness, of ethical, of moral and mental development of each person. It is disrespecting of self to not be truthful.
In short, everyone has the right and obligation to create their own reality. But he does not have the right to impose his reality on another or others.


What about the children? What are your great grandchildren going to be saying about you if you did nothing about this nonsense?

41:30 Charlie: It’s one of the subjects I cannot discuss with my wife because she finds it too distressing… (Reading from his computer:)

20,000 children go missing every year in Spain
25,000 children go missing every year in Australia
39,000 children go missing every year in France
40,000 children go missing every year in Brazil
45,000 children go missing every year in Mexico
50,000 children go missing every year in Canada
100,000 children go missing every year in Germany
230,000 children go missing every year in the U.K….

43:07 Jo: You can’t get your head around why the Media aren’t focusing on this and why people aren’t looking at the stats… where are these children? We know there are tunnels…
43:22 Charlie: This is something I did a study on and it broke my heart…

I’ve given my money to many charities… then I found that UNICEF has been STEALING CHILDREN… NATO had been doing the same… many of these charities in Africa, same thing… then you look at England and you say who’s stealing them in England?

They’re stolen to order in England… And there are children’s charities that say they’re taking them into care and they’re not taking them into care at all…

I’ll be honest with you, Jo, I didn’t believe it at the start… and then I’ve had phone calls that I’m not allowed to broadcast… I’ve had videos I’m not allowed to broadcast… from first-hand information… I’ve had tears galore…

44:17 This is from children who have been rescued who have told me about it but they can’t go public right now… they’re not ready for that… so I’ve had to store the information…

47:20 Charlie: There are so many questions with no answers but we’re living in an amazing time and I never knew that the fight-back… I knew it was going to be messy…

But the one thing I do know is that Trump is 100%, NOT 99% but 100% in control of the world…of the USA…

So things that are happening and I’ve made this point many many times…. Even in his own country, he’s not going to force people to resign… he’s not going to force Regime Changes… he’s going to expose them for what they are… it will be up to the people to stand up to them… and rise up against them…

Expansion is all a soul wants. Holding attachments to ideas inhibits growth. This is especially obvious in the case of an authority imposing a fact on a person or people. Because it does not do so from the position of offering knowledge, but rather of imposing something for personal gain. This is due to their inherently low ethical, spiritual and mental development.

Thank you all for letting me know how stupid I am and for assuring me that your stupidity is the norm, no need to open your eyes and look at anything. The LIGHT might blind you

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