Banksters, Wet Works and Pedo Networks

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Interviews with 

Mark Anthony Taylor


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Mark Anthony Taylor is back with Sean on the SGT Report. Taylor has long been litigating against JPMorgan, Deutsche Bank and others for manipulating the gold and silver bullion markets. In the process, he’s made many unexpected discoveries.

Last October, he was on with Sean for what was, in my opinion the most important podcast that I'd ever posted on FKTV, in the 10 years of its existence. Mark shed light on the relationships between the ongoing coup against Trump, international intelligence agencies, Jeffrey Epstein’s blackmail ring, the Clinton Foundation, how all of the major bank CEOs are controlled, how this affects what projects do and don’t get financed and basically, which coporations become successful and which don't and how the whole world is controlled - much of it, with blackmail.

This interview, likewise does not disappoint, as it gets into the gritty details of the Illuminati bankers whom most of us have never heard of at Deutsche Bank, who were working with Jeffrey Epstein, Teflon people, who literally get away with murder.

Sean: All right, Friends. Let's begin. This is a deep deep dive into banksters, wet works and pedo networks. This one is dangerous. I have on the line Mark Anthony Taylor. I've interviewed Mark once before, back in October of 2019. That one was titled Bankers, Bullion and Pedo Rings and Mark revealed in that interview his litigation against JP Morgan, Deutsche Bank and Barclays for precious metals manipulation litigation, which was then squashed by the banksters.

This interview with Mark should probably be titled Banksters, Wet Works and Pedo networks. Mark joins us right now. How are you, Mark?

Mark: So, as I said just before the interview, I'm, I'm extremely tense at the moment. I'm shaking with rage from what I've learned. I've been like this a few days, because what I've learned is truly horrible. I've learned that there's a conspiracy to kill off key bankers who were witnesses in the LIBOR manipulation.

This execution ring seems to be the same people behind the Epstein blackmail operation. The focus of the investigations has been corrupted. Now, I'm not a supporter of Trump - not until he pardons Assange and not until there's a successful prosecution of Pizzagate members, including Hillary Clinton and Podesta. I'm certainly not a fan of the opposite, creepy, senile Old Woke Joe.

But being objective, I can see that the murder of these bankers is being wrongfully directed to Trump's door and from what I can see, the prosecutors already know who's behind it. They have the key information. At the very least, there should be an investigation. So, I'm not saying at this point that I know, for a matter of fact who did it but I know for a matter of fact who should be investigated and who has apparent immunity from all litigation and from all criminal prosecution.

Sean: Let me just say this, guys for those who have been following the work at SGT Report and other truth-telling sites in the Alt Media space for any period of time, you're going to remember the long list of dead bankers, of suicided bankers. One reminder is in January of 2014, the body of William Brokesmith, 58-year-old man, a high-ranking Deutsche Bank executive was found hanging in his London flat from a dog leash tied to the top of a door. That's just one of many and I think what you're going to hear in this interview with Mark is who he believes is behind so much of these wet works, so many of these suicided people.

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