DUMBS under Canada?

September 9th 2020   Questions? Email us here


Where do 50,000 children disappear to each year?

I live on an island off the British Columbia, Canada coast. I’ve been reminded that the covid quarantine restrictions have been intensified. We’re back to 5 person gatherings and early closings. In as much as I know the covid nonsense was officially, scientifically downgraded to an ordinary flu way back in March, 2020, I started realizing what was really going on in Canada,

I do know that 50,000 children go missing in Canada each year. Do you think the military are investigation DUMBS in this area and they just want us out of the line of fire? As I started connecting with Source I start hearing underground explosions. Haven’t felt the earthquakes yet.  Hmmm!

I know there was an adrenochrome factory in Victoria, BC Canada that got busted. Hmmm! Do you think there could be some underground tunnels funneling children upwards? Please stay out of the way while the world's underground military system cleans up this mess and so the technological advanced medical facilities can resurrect these children.. 

Planet earth and its inhabitants will no longer tolerate any kind of human trafficking. Humanity is demanding peace.

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