Dear Galactic Federation

June 29th, 2020   Questions? Email us here

Dear Galactic Federation,
I am bringing to your attention that all of humanity is participating in a most amazing transformation into the Light, the Love, the Wisdom, the Power and eventually Source. 

Our old matrix is being deconstructed. We are developing a laser light focus that is hidden from you and many others’ view. We are and will continue to recreate benevolent affairs for this planet. 

Some of the a…holes have been removed. They have been replaced by doubles or clones or whatever you want to call them, who are paid actors and have had surgeries so they almost look like the a…holes. They know their lifetimes are limited. The original a…holes have been executed. The royals are gone.

This has to be done this way to
1. avoid civil unrest and
2. to avoid world war lll all over the world and
3. to avoid millions if not billions of people ending up dead or in hospital.

The role of body doubles is to keep up appearances until no longer being needed while undoing the image of the famous public, and political figures.
Remember, body doubles follow a tight script. What they say is what the originals are known for saying. They know their life is limited.
What you are witnessing is a giant PSYOP of confusing information. It’s a frequency mess. We planned it this way.

Do not interrupt our agenda with a federation agenda. Do not move things we are doing to what you think is best. We understand how these a…holes operate. We are freeing the earth from Satanist control. We are winning. Yes, people are dying. But yes, we are winning.

I know you want to implement one government, one religion, one currency to stop this fighting. We appreciate your concerns, but it appears that some of you are being fooled by how we are doing this war on secret societies. Perhaps your situation up there is not much different from ours down here. Yes, we do have nightmares that sometimes trip us up. But when we see this happening we make corrections so we can execute our plan effectively. Our military is educating and changing itself rapidly during this process. With the inclusion of emotions in this mental game on earth, changes have to be made constantly. Bear with us. We ARE being successful. The regressive elements need to get eliminated first, before planetary unification can be maintained. With unification we can stop fighting. Hurray!

You sent us Starseeds here to wake up humanity. Let us do our job. We stand in our power. We take responsibility for our decisions. We are active. We do not wait for your instructions. We know love and integration are key.
We know to unite, not fight. You affect us. We affect you. We’ve had enough pain to learn to operate in this b…s. Experiencing any more poison is not necessary. All decisions cannot suit everyone. 

Is there a best plan possible? Replacing warlike ETs may be a part of the solution? What do you think and feel? Gaia is undergoing change too. There is negative AI everywhere. Some Starseeds do not come from emotional races. I know and you know that all races want to learn from emotional races in their  expansion adventure. We can all resolve conflicts with each other. You are not so different from us.

Please do not interfere or destroy the magnificent creation we are manifesting here on earth. You can look behind, within and around the structure we have and are still putting/changing into place to create a magnificent future for you and for life itself in this galaxy.  There is no way we can go directly toward what we want without this meandering structure being established to fool you and especially the satanists into thinking we do not know what we are doing here on earth.

We have lived here on earth, hopefully getting out of this b…s for thousands and thousands and thousands of years and have finally found this likely way to get into peace. Please do not destroy our creation, even if you don’t understand logic when it is mixed up with emotions. We love you, even if we have to educate you too. I bet we can change to the good, faster than you. Please prove us wrong. Be blessed. Nikki Darwin

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