The Star of Divine Governance

December 1st, 2018    Questions? Email us here  

This is a call to action. Humanity is blazing Light into every little piece of government on earth, December 12 at 2pm PT every day left in the month. You can start now, to prepare for the December 12 portal.

I’m speaking to those of us born in old energy and now opening to the new frequencies bathing our universe. None of our old tried and true methods hold any water these days.
We cannot repair what is exposed on earth. Society must be reinvented. Our judgements cannot be part of this process. Blaze that wonderful non-judgmental Light everywhere from December 12 at 2pm to intensify the Star of Divine Governance every day so we can have change.

Our Transformational Star of Laser Light is being blessed with Humanity’s Heart Presence, Pleaidian Seeking Balance Wheel Energy and Compassion. Everybody wins!!!

The Star of Divine Governance.mp3
(If you are unable to play the MP3 recording in your browser, please download the file to listen to it.)

The Star of Divine Governance.pdf

As you use this decree you will unearth personal mental and emotional obstacles, as well as clean up thousands and thousands of years of ineffective, old governing on our beloved planet.
The laser intensity of using this light process, flashes our old thought and emotional obstructions to survival, up for quick review.

Life is changing. You and I are living in a benevolent universe. We can now love EVERYTHING and EVERYONE at the same time. Separation no longer works, is old energy, despite the fact that we like bits of it. We are learning to see good things that are really there; actually actual. We’ve never lived in this kind of energy before and it’s becoming visible to us.

Emotions are good, safe and take us to goodness. They can be trusted. They bring us energy from the multitude of different realities that are all around us. Rather than getting rid of this stuff, feel where it is surfacing from, and anchor-in that energy. Locate that frequency and claim it. The emotions now are a dynamism inside you. Feel them in the depth and core of your being. Now you can receive new energy from Prime Source Creator because there is room for it.

As we, as individuals radiate this communion, we build an energetic field that sponsors global unity. Humanity is lighting up the world.

We can all deal with this bigger picture that includes these old fears, utilize that energy and live in confidence, in love, in compassion, and actively support others so they also may deal with their fears.

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