A Dream within a Dream

December 11th, 2018    Questions? Email us here  

I heard the front door open and woke up as someone was gently, purposely and comfortably entering my house. I was curious and not alarmed until I felt someone getting into bed with me and snuggling up to my back, bringing warm, loving kindness into me. I immediately got over being startled.

This was such a wonderful learning experience that I never wanted it to stop. Several times I said, Thank you. Bring me more of this magical energy.
After a while I suspected that the being had left and I was still feeling the energy. It is now three days later and I still feel this loveliness. It is a consistent pleasantness that is new to me, and I desire to access this energy whenever I want it. It feels like this being kept me in a comfortable environment long enough for that comfort to be comfortable. It’s like I can trust that god is happening and going to continue to happen. 

Since I constructed the first outdoor geometric Seeking Balance Wheel on my property earlier this year, I have had contact with the Pleaidians. There are three of them that are always present when I put my attention on them. I used to plerk (play work) excitedly and diligently with them, designing and implementing dozens of ways to get this energy into humanity. I could give a wheel to any biological problem or situation and immediately whatever needed to come into balance would start moving into balance. It does not matter whether the issue is plasmatic, mental, physical, emotional spiritual, etheric or???, the SBW prompts balance movement.

The Seeking Balance Wheel energy is so powerful we have added that energy to our Divine Governance Laser Light Star that we blaze daily into all governments on earth.

I am thanking all the benevolent energy on earth for its graciousness and do bring me more. I am contacting the 32 Star Nations that are desiring to give us “official disclosure”. There is a rumor that they want to do it now, in 2021, and some of them worry about us being capable of learning quickly enough to survive the transitioning from our limited mind into a universal mind. Multidimensionality does not fit into linear bodies. We have to upgrade and that means major biological change. There are a few things I know to do that will help us grow multidimensionally. 

1.    If you feel like you need to sleep, do so.
More to follow

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