The Reptilian Agenda

December 11th, 2018    Questions? Email us here  

Let’s just assume that all the Star Nations that are bringing conscious awareness to this sweet earth are tired of being hidden from us. They’d like to tell their story. They’d like to be ordinary and friendly with us. Each interstellar race has different characteristics that contribute to earth being the interstellar communication library it was originally designed to be. They may not all look human. There have been so many wild goose trips off into the dark wilderness wars of ownership, that we have amassed huge additions to the original blueprint. Gaia absolutely delights in sharing her wealth instantaneously with humanity and the galactic universe as we explore and give it to her.

Observation will reveal that some Star groups have challenges with a flexible mind. They figure out how they want life to be, set things in place to support that, and keep propping that idea up even after it proves to be so ridiculous it is collapsing. Look at our global society. Humanity is demanding change.

Competition for ownership of earth is ebbing but there are some blotches in the ointment that need dissolving. Back when the Star Nations were coordinating LIGHT activation recipes to create new humans for this planet, the reptilians insisted that the fetus start out as reptilian. I believe they tricked us, even though we were working together, right? We made contracts with each other and they all can be revisited to deepen our understanding as we move into this ONENESS library. Each of these 32 Star Nations is in various stages of growth in this Conscious School.

The reptilians must be looking hard at themselves right now. One of their lessons is understanding emotion, is understanding feeling. These are major portions of consciousness that do not come easily to them. And because reptiles don’t understand emotions, they lose patience with us as we explore our feelings. As they become impatient with us they develop long term plans to manipulate us into the position they think we should be in. They realize we have freedom to choose but then set up situations so we will ask them to give us what they want, rather than the ease and grace that we are really searching for. Notice the cabal segment of the population. They have this mindset.

Yes we may start out as a fetus reptile, but we have access to multidimensionality in our 24th strand of DNA which allows us to have feelings and emotional energy, so we can explore multidimensionality and anchor that expansive energy within us consciously.

Over the years I have been annoyed at the reptilian propensity to not honor truthful agreements coordinated between the various Star Nations. I now realize they are learning too. They are part of humanity’s growth process. Maybe we need to encourage them to gain this knowledge as we are stuck with them at the core of our being. We can’t get rid of them. They anchored themselves in, in our infancy.

Humanity has taught itself to bless their reptilian fight and flight responses with conscious thoughts from other parts of our brain. I cannot say how the reptilians need to gain this understanding, but they must now find a way to do it, as they committed to being part of building this massive communication library. Albeit they thought they could control it hundreds of thousands of years ago, but control is not part of consciousness. Humanity will no longer stand for war of any sort.

Yes, we are having what looks like world war 3. But in reality humanity is blazing light into all the dark corners that have always remained hidden from sight. This crap that is becoming visible has always been here; we are just making it visible to all by shining light on it. We don’t have to dwell on it but we do have to recognize the horror of its existence and you and I create a new reality without it. You can’t fix killing each other. The reptilians know they have to change.

Let’s allow ourselves to grow so we can move into Official Conscious Disclosure of life in our galaxy.

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