Seeking Balance Wheel Ceremony

September 8th, 2018    Questions? Email us here  

We had an eventful Seeking Balance Wheel Ceremony today September 8th. A bucket of oyster, mussel and clam shells donated themselves to the circle. It was interesting energy they brought. They were excited and noisy when they arrived so we sat quietly with them until we saw the way to proceed. We put a big mussel shell in the outer border of the middle ring. Then we added two more, making 3 in each section. 9 more came along next, making 5 additions to the middle ring, each with 12 mussel shells. Twelve was the magic number.

We explored neurosurgeon, Dr. Jack Kruse’s June 3, 2017 talk “Your Eyes Create the Reality You Get in Life” to prepare us for the physiology of blazing Light into government offices. We garnered the energy of all the available souls and Pleaidians to direct the Violet Fire energy into humanity’s transformation. We grew the white Light ball into a huge bright star, directing Light into all the dark corners we could find.

It was a major personal growth revelation as we put intense energy into commanding Source into action. We saw that we came from the stars. We are stars. We are Light. We really are stars. Our linear minds are just going to have to accept that we are LIGHT, even if those linear minds do not understand it.

It was a brilliant ceremony. Victory for Duality and Free Choice.

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