My Wish is My Command. March 21st is a day of peace

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Excerpts from the157th Knowledge Seeker Workshop February 2 2017 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lPHQl4pmI6E

Mr. Keshe triggered more human trafficking connections where scientists are murdered and their compression technology patents and other patents stolen immediately after the killing. His wish is to bring this calculated murdering to an end. Mr. Keshe has often recognized a betrayer and pathological liar in the Keshe Foundation, but it has taken time to gather all the evidence and global legal authority needed to bring this rubbish to an end.

For several years there has been the sending of cyber threats to KF follower’s computers by a person calling himself a webmaster and using a variety of different names. Now that there is enough international security observing these tactics, Keshe has asked us to stop this nonsense as a family team by reporting cyber threats to authorities. We can support our fellow humanity as a group. Our job is to expose what has been happening so the authorities realize we are aware of it. “If I, (Mehran Keshe) get killed please carry on.”

(01:03:57) The teaching moved into field positioning for flight showing us that the strongest field is on the bottom. The equator field, often called the plasma line is of medium strength. The top is the weakest. Our job is to learn the gravitational and magnetical positioning. As we learn the flight system it is now time to be taught the flight of the soul.


Caroline reminds Keshe to talk about wishing. Understand the strength of the wish and how to connect to your wish so it becomes reality.

The wish of the man comes from the reactor which is dynamic in all its strength. It’s you who has to be able to understand whether you are tuning into copper, tuning into zinc, tuning into iron or if you are tuning to hydrogen or pain or …  finally…change! When you become close to your soul you understand that the emotion reflects in a lot of your wishes that become real because the more you give, the more there is for everyone to receive along this same path.

The wish of the man is the most powerful tool ever been given to man and it must come through his soul to be effective.

We cannot change man himself but we can change the environment so that the man can receive enough that it will change him. You are the top reactor and the others are the three bases. You are the giver by wish and the more you give means there is more to receive for the others. The strength of your wish comes from the reactor state of your mind which is firmly spreading the wish.

The state of the mind is the field energy spreading off the wish. Time spent on destruction can be used for achievement. The Africans achieve much faster and easier than other cultures. Their military sees the local needs and has decided to work within their country. Their wish is so sincere they are bringing the plasma tools into position to support their fellow man.

To get to peace we have to stop conflict inside our own brain. We cannot live with hate hidden inside somewhere and show sincerity outside. The soul cannot carry contradictions.
People use emotion to create conflict. Walk away from conflict. Use your emotion to create positivity so you strengthen. The more you create conflict, the more you distance yourself from creating something to confirm your existence. Work in the direction of giving more so that you become more. You will start to see the change. As you see this confirmation it reflects the maturity of man.

Inside humanity there has to be peace. Then through this peace you find peace even though there may be times of confusion and conflict. If we give and give to people who are trying to show their power and correctness, they still have to get enlightened within themselves. World leaders cannot create war. It is our job to change the course of humanity as he carries on to maturity. Let us enter the mindset of peace and peace will come through peace.

Countries can become part of the world community rather than maintain their separateness. The Keshe wish for Trump is that he use his power to create peace and harmony and that he use his presidential pen as the pen of peace. He can write with the pen of the soul.
March 21st, the first day of spring, is a day of peace. This is our wish.

Detailed information can be obtained at 157th KSW February 2, 2017


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