Frequency + Intent = Healing

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Tidbits from 159th KSW February 16 2017 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2oGpmE-r2tk

Ghana space flight is in its infancy. Most of the public spaceship fights will take place from there. The African military have provided as much land as is needed for establishing the spaceship platform, lab, research facilities, manufacturing, university and administration structures.  The buildings are being designed as one story and efficient. Ghana is becoming a central government agency, with the scientists attracting the new generation of youth that are interested in space travel. Donations are being gratefully received to prosper this new generation breakthrough for humanity. $250 million dollars is a start for the project.

The goal is to have everything live on the internet. Understanding space technology brings emotional and intellectual growth to humanity. It is time for the younger generation to start teaching us their knowingness. We are moving into a new dimension of communication as we learn how the brain works. Younger people have spent a lot of their years working with computers and are OK with being in confined spaces. Many elders will not be able to tolerate long excursions in space.

The key to decision making in space is emotional control along with understanding how the brain works. There is a clear interaction between the field of emotion and the emotion itself.
Emotion is used for understanding and creation. See through the emotion into the collective awareness and live in a new dimension of self. It is important to understand communication and have a peaceful way of thinking as people learn the behavior and ethos of space.

Make many types of zinc oxide gans and other ganses. Watch the layers and their movements. Then start using different emotions and see the interaction of the layers. You are learning the science of creation. Emotion dictates the physicality. We can’t really carry much stuff into space. Learn how to be in the plasmatic environment and understand the emotions within that ecosystem. Connect with the amino acid layers on the gans. If you are happy which layer responds? You can live on the surface or on the gaseous or the water or in the magma or in the center of a planet

The FDA wants to develop a system to measure results; which strength is good for what. Without being able to quantify results, it is hard to recognize what has been produced. We need to know how to measure plasma as we develop the next step of plasma instrumentation.

Gravitation comes out of the magnetical. The more you give the more you receive. There are always different dimensions present with which you can attract interaction of the fields of the universe. Understand creation so emotion cannot be abused.

More information at 159 KSW February 16th 2017 at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2oGpmE-r2tk


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