The Federation of United Planets.

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The Federation of United Planets


Our blessed planet Earth is a schoolroom for us to develop consciousness in our human race. We are learning to be aware as all the many interstellar races have done before us. Ours is a school to learn to resolve differences and to learn to manifest beautiful things. Thousands of years ago several different interstellar races gave humans their cultural version of the seed of consciousness and we have been developing our human personal understanding of consciousness ever since.

Each member of each race wants to adventure, experience and understand deeper variants of their culture and to gain further expansion and understanding. The Milky Way Galaxy is a Cosmic Conscious University. Earth was gifted with the ability to look at dual aspects of everything so the depths of consciousness could be explored. And explore we did; down into the deepest aspects of depravity and benevolence we could find. Interstellar races line up for the opportunity to incarnate on Earth. The stimulation of those experiences have lead us into wanting peace. Earth is a place for great personal and collective spiritual advances.

We are moving from preindustrial humans to becoming an interstellar race, but we are still dragging around our reptilian nightmares. We’re all ETs, sorry, yes we are. Most of us escaped from a Lyrian/reptilian war, seeking earth as a safe place, but neglected to clean up our past warmongering unconscious thoughts and so recreated them here on earth. Every interstellar race is unique. The Lyrians have an emotional aspect that many other interstellar races have not investigated. This aspect requires deep, soul-searching exploration.

Lyrian/humans literally have to feel the truth to know it. Most interstellar races are challenged as they attempt to guide us into the awareness that is obvious to them, because they do not carry within themselves this sensitive area and make decisions without having to consider emotions.

It could be that you are here in this school to help develop this new emerging human race. The line between human and ET is very thin. We haven’t quite got ourselves to “human” yet.

Technological development does not go hand in hand with moral and spiritual development. Ignorant of how the universe works, humans manifest nightmarish dramas for themselves. They cannot leave earth to travel in space until they have matured. People must move from self-service to actively realizing that other beings have needs too.

The earth population is being monitored by bands of very ethical races. These varieties of federation groups oversee various levels of the lower federation councils. It takes many grade levels to keep this university operational. Each rank has distinctive experience and knowingness. There is a huge opportunity to grow on earth. Every soul chooses to come here to encounter an expansion of consciousness. This provides for new and young souls to have a decisive adventure. It serves to form a new species that will soon come out into the cosmos.

Everyone here is ET in origin, but not in mind. The fed is dominated by non-Lyrian races. Most feds are cold and logical. They only observe emotions and allow situations that humans must face to study their reactions. They are without empathy; not because they are bad, but because they don’t understand emotional races. But they see dramatic situations as the only way to stimulate the moral, spiritual and consciousness growth of a new race like the human one. Humans as a race are young and inexperienced, still with the idea that they live in a deterministic causal world where things happen to them, not that they can make things happen.

The fed is mentoring us and a few are incarnated on earth. There is a large number of people that have repeated hundreds and hundreds of lifetimes on earth and have accumulated the necessary wisdom to lead humanity forward in their awareness. They’re called Starseeds. Star seeds are critical. They are the only help the fed will give to humans. Starseeds are the engine of everything, of inspiration and of divine protection for humans.

Starseeds are here to wake up people in current situations. They learn to help others and experience success without fighting. This is how we all pass our tests. We must learn to serve others peacefully, then and only then can the federation come close enough to welcome us into interstellar society.

Starseeds learned to experience emotions as a Lyrian race. The human race is a mixture of countless races into one biological container. Some have emotions, most do not.

It has always been like this. Humans must learn to fend for themselves by solving the problem that is of their own creation. The Feds are only mentors, but they do control what happens from above. They say non intervention, but it really is non intervention behind humans back, because their hands are everywhere. This reminds me of how the cabal has its fingers in every government, legal system and most corporations on earth, attempting to force us into accepting a ‘new world order’. The cabal influences us through movies, documentaries, songs, TV and other media so it appears that we are asking for what they give us. But the fed will not intervene or remove any cabal atrocities. It is not up to them. It is up to you and I.

Starseeds are guides and students too. They knew what they were getting into when they came to earth. They are critical. Without them there are no mentors, or teachers, nor is there any intention to show humanity where to go. If the Starseeds are not here, they leave humanity unprotected.

The Starseed job is the hardest, the loneliest and the most responsible. Times are uncertain. Timelines are fractured. The ordeal is to put all the broken timelines together reflecting benevolent activity and not to manifest any more nightmares. No more ugly human creations. This is how souls are formed. It’s a natural evolution of consciousness.

Here there is no evil as such, that is a human reflection. It is true that there is duality here and regressive races, but not as it is described here on earth. That is human creation and interpretation. Evil has within it the seed of self destruction. Evil on earth is a human concept. All beings struggle to achieve their spiritual progression in search of returning to the source.

It is the human consciousness itself that guides the federation to create new tests and new challenges for our growth. They create experiences that promote collective ethics. Collective empathy is the base of civilization. As each race has developed differently, do not expect them to all have the same view, or your point of view. Mistakes are made. Mistakes are corrected. They are very patient mentors. Humanity must learn to control its nightmares in a controlled environment, so that they don’t end up destroying themselves. That controlled environment is earth. All regressive races are a manifestation of poorly focused, unethical and low spiritual evolution of positive races. The fed does the best it can with what it knows at the time.

Syrians, Andromeda’s, Arcturians and Pleiadans and others hold regular Saturday federation meetings. They are our hidden controllers. As I suggested, they might seem scandalous and do not always agree. They only allow us to have written communication with the population, no video. The Cats, the Urmah, and the Engan have recently left the federation as they do not agree with the federation ethics and refuse to participate any longer. The Taygetans have always been reprimanded by the federation for conversing too freely with us. They are a few idealistic girls. The fed doesn’t pay any attention to them anymore. Innocently they thought they were coming to liberate earth. At the moment they are banished from the federation meetings for being too communicative and naive.

Humanity’s free will allows it to do most anything. One exception is the federation disallows nuclear warfare. Now that humanity has exposed biological diseases, human trafficking, and child rape, the interstellar races can assist us delicately from behind the scenes.

The federation allows negativity, reptiles, abductions, atomic wars, nerd millionaires with syringes, international monetary fund, archons, reptilian queen, corrupt politicians, disease, famine, climate change, global and local wars, pandemics and hurricanes, earthquakes and tsunamis. Everything is the work of the human mind trying to understand itself and trying to control its enormous power of manifestation. Federation interstellar races cannot welcome new, inexperienced races that manifest nightmares for themselves. So it limits them on earth, to earth.

Why are there reptiles to” lock up”? Because the concept of a bad reptile is the human creation of the Lyrians, so the fed locked up the Lyrians until they can stop manifesting reptiles. The Van Allen Band is in place to prevent humans from traveling into space to infect the cosmos with its warlike mind patterns. We must learn to resolve differences with one another. Regressive races (such as reptiles) can only exist by commandeering the energy of benevolent beings that are connected to the Light, the Energy Source. The Light is where and how they get their energy, their food.

The only way to defeat the malevolent reptiles, the malevolent ETs, is simply by using the mind and consciousness, not the plasma weapons and laser rifles. Not everything is perfect even in 5D and there are still nightmares, but they are not of the gravity or the harshness as on earth. It is easier to manifest in 5D what you feel with your point of attention, so the Van Allen belt saves the cosmos from us. The Fed was formed long ago to fight evil, the regressive races. Today they know they cannot subdue anything with weapons. The solution for nightmares manifested on earth is with ethics, with consciousness and wisdom.

Information is revealed at appropriate times. The following info is being disclosed now. A Saturn ring houses the Supreme Federation United Council. Even though these high densities have only positive agendas, they may conflict with 3D interests. Their purpose is to form a new consciousness to create a new race. A new race is not formed by cutting and pasting genes in a lab. It is done by awareness, guiding perception, and with experiences. And experiences will always have to have a contrast, a friction. This is the reason for duality.

They allow world wars because that is what humans have manifested for themselves. The free will principles of the fed present a way to learn with difficulties and strong challenges. This enables contrast and manifestation focus, to learn to control manifestation powers.

The fed has always sent guides. You are the guides of other guides. Other beings guide me. It has always been like this for millions and millions of years. This is how interstellar races are born. All of them have passed their severe and painful tests of great suffering. There is nothing new here. Only for those who have been unaware of this. The fed is not bad or good. It just is.

There is an enormous opportunity to grow here on earth. You can witness the process of expansion of consciousness of each soul. All benevolent races have gone through this kind of training. Earth really is not a prison planet, even if it often feels like one. It is here for spiritual progression, not weaponisation . Yes, the Lyrians did bring their nightmares and manifested them into form here. Our job is to clean this up. Finally we are no longer accepting war.

In some way we agreed to what the cabal is doing. The cabal presents what humans want vibrationally. It is time for us to speak out in our truth and love and demand what we want to experience as a collective. ETs will interfere and help us; we must ask, state our benevolent claim, but the credit is always given to the human and military involvement.

We must say audibly what we want; not just quietly expect ETs to help us. Refuse to be stagnated into victim mentality. There is no karma except that imposed by us, on ourselves. We are here to learn that so much friction is not necessary. Learn to overcome this dramatic phase. We’ve had enough human bad experiences. We are moving into our freedom.

Really, it is not necessary to suffer. We are learning not to germinate nightmares and drama. Suffering itself is not necessary. It is respected that a race in formation creates its own things, so that race is responsible for their creations, whether or not they're nightmares or pretty things. That’s free will in action.

If you are always living in a rose colored world without friction and without challenges, you don’t grow, you remain there. You don’t have the enormous satisfaction of having overcome the challenge; of climbing the tree, to have climbed the rock on the beach. You are more than the rock on the beach. You overcame it.

It is up to us, you and me, to get rid of the bad guys we keep reconstructing in our head. The ETs cannot do it for us. We would just recreate more bad guys. Being trapped is only an excuse. Not knowing how to cooperate with each other is an idea that only limits us.

We are peeling off layers of confusion and feeling the Light within! We are part of this change. The chaos of the planet will change because the frequency will excel beyond anything this planet has known. We are powerful and have a great purpose to be here NOW. The chaos of the planet will change because the frequency will excel beyond anything this planet has known. You Are Part Of This Change! Ask for Benevolent Action. You Are Powerful And Have A Great Purpose To Be Here NOW.


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