Anger directed at the Galactic Federation

May 1st, 2020   Questions? Email us here

I am starting to see that our only option here on planet earth is a mass action by humanity. Maybe then you, the supreme federation of united planets will wake up and start exploring the realms of emotion. I am starting to realize that that is why I came to this planet and have spent so many lifetimes here. It is to wake up YOU, every race in the federation of consciousness builders that does not have emotions, not myself. I’m here, already experiencing how people without emotions can be so ugly in how they treat other people. Are you feeding on the energy of our emotions just to see how strong we can be?

OK. So what do we need to do to shut you up? Do we have to pretend we are a massive cult and all of us commit suicide at the same time? Would you notice the real reason we vacated in mass? Probably not, because you don’t understand feelings. So tell me, tell us, what we need to do to stop this B...S. It is obvious that YOU are stupid, not us. Oh yes, we have things to learn, but it is time for benevolent change on this planet. I demand action now. What does it take for you to feel even a smidgen of this anger?

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